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Stonehenge history is 5000 years earlier than thought

Sometimes history has to be literally rescheduled in accord with the latest findings. There has come about conclusive evidence that Stonehenge was inhabited 5000 years earlier than was thought to be till now by the archaeologists.

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Stonehenge history is 5000 years earlier than thought

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Stonehenge history is 5000 years earlier than thought

An excavation near Stonehenge revealed the remains of a human habitation dating back to at least 7500 BC. A team of volunteers done this research in a very small budget. Data gathered reveals that stonehenge history is 5,000 years earlier than previously thought according to a report published in BBC News. This has upset the timelines and calendars of the historical (or rather prehistoric) experts. What was fact until yesterday is a fiction today. The new facts speak for themselves.

Using sparse resources, various archaeologists ventured into the region and dug till they came upon the stark evidence. The date of the inhabitants has been set half a millennium before what was considered holy writ in the field of archaeology. The bones and tools as well as other artifacts that have been brought to light suggest that as animal life was common here so were the humans who hunted them.

The man behind the whole operation, David Jacques, put his savings into financing the project. And look what he came up with? The Amesbury area he had set his eyes on since a long time ago was finally ready to be probed into. Vespasian’s Camp which was at some distance from Stonehenge was where the investigations began. And they bore fruit. Until now it had been considered an archaeological no-man’s land. But progress lies in the direction we have not been in.

It had a fresh water spring at its center. Jacques considered this to have been used by the early inhabitants of the area. It turned out that he had bet on the right horse. But this is just a flash in the pan since a lot more needs to be unearthed.

Stonehenge is the site of a number of huge monoliths that are arranged in post-and-lintel formation in a circle. It is supposed to have been used by an ancient cult of mystics known as Druids who conducted astronomical procedures from its precincts. There is the great mystery that how such heavy stone were carved and transferred to the region in those primitive times.

With the shift in historical time there is a change in perception as well. What was considered the last word is not so anymore. In fact, those in authority will be careful before considering any evidence to be foundational from now onwards.

Dates are set a bit arbitrarily in the fields of history and paleontology. Archaeologists have to make a rough estimate according to the carbon dating method they employ for this task. But whatever the case, nowadays the use of the latest technology has cleared the way for super-accurate dating.

With Stonehenge being the latest historic place to undergo revision it won’t be long before newer discoveries burst forth from the fogs of time.


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