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North Korea Moves Two Short-range Missile Launchers

North Korea and South Korea haven’t exactly seen eye to eye. With two new missile launchers aimed at the land of the South Koreans, North Korea has come into focus. The new threat is palpable and very real indeed.

Apr 21 2013, 6:57am CDT | by

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North Korea Moves Two Short-range Missile Launchers

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North Korea Moves Two Short-range Missile Launchers

The most recent news about the threat of New North Korean Missiles is that North Korea has shifted two new short range missile launchers towards its eastern region. The alarming reality has Seoul on red alert according to a Aljazeera news. It is quite apparent that the Premier of North Korea doesn’t like the United States of America or for that matter its ally, South Korea.

The ongoing tension between the two belligerent states of North and South Korea has set the remaining population of East Asia on tenterhooks. With Pyongyang building up its arsenal of missiles and weapon heads the southerners are beginning to get wary. Although North Korea has time after time tested missiles, one never knows when the Premier’s temper may flare up and cause a possible war. The memories of the previous century’s Korean War are too fresh to do away with the danger signals.

North Korea has defied the United Nations Security Council again and again. It has purchased nuclear secrets from elsewhere and built its nuclear capabilities in response to the rising fear felt by its neighboring states. Peace seems to elude the two Koreas due to the rigid stance of the Northern half. Despite UN sanctions Pyongyang has not backed down from its nuclear activities.

Although disarmament talks were welcomed by the Premier, when it came to nuclear détente he disagreed and rejected the US initiative. The two new launchers bear the capacity to fire scud missiles. Both South Korea and the generals at Pentagon were closely monitoring the activities of this eccentric state from satellite sources.

Apparently, the North Koreans were irritated over the joint military exercises of the US and their southern neighbors. The response to this was to set up missile launchers in the direction of Seoul. President Obama has expressed doubts about whether they were able to fit nuclear warheads on their missiles. Meanwhile a message came from North Korea. It said that “the US should not think about denuclearization on the peninsula before the world is denuclearized.”

The policy of do-as-I-say-don’t-do-as-I-do has harmed the image of the United States. Countries like North Korea and Iran are surging ahead in their efforts to make nuclear deterrence facilities. When they are questioned the obvious answer is that either the world should be rid of nuclear weapons or else they ought to be allowed to do their own thing. They furthermore criticize that US imperialism is the biggest arsenal-holder of nuclear weapons.

The competition between nations has engendered a nuclear arms race that despite the end of the Cold War has not subsided. Rather it has been shifted from the macro-level to the micro-level.

Image Credit: Alarabiya


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