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Nintendo will not host a big keynote at E3 2013

The video game giant won’t be holding its presentation at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) being held this year. The reason for not to launch new hardware in this year’s event is that Nintendo has other things on its mind such as its financial state and the designing of a wholly different presentational style.

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Nintendo will not host a big keynote at E3, 2013

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Nintendo will not host a big keynote at E3 2013

Nintendo will not host a big keynote at E3, 2013

The company CEO, Satoru Iwata said it all when he asked to be excused from the E3 2013 due to the need to establish a new presentation style for the conference. The software components are ready to be launched. Especially the Wii U is at the top of the list. But this will not take place this year. It has been postponed to 2014. The CEO announced the financial results briefing and appended this news along with it. It came as somewhat of a surprise.

He did mention the fact that a couple of events on a smaller scale will be held. According to a recent official briefing by Nintendo CEO, he has its software lined up for display will gain all the exposure. Whereas the previous E3 event did gather some valuable feedback from Nintendo’s clientele, for different software like the Nintendo Direct, new methods and new presentation tools must be employed. And the target audience for them is different too.

Some new hardware is to be launched as well. It appears to be a case of testing new environments. Nintendo’s decision may come as a surprise but when you take a closer look you realize it is based on well-thought out intentions. The E3 event was not a suitable platform for publicity and furthermore it had outlived its usefulness. Another company that is also going to skip the E3 is Microsoft.

Nintendo’s withdrawal from the hyped event is typical of a multinational that is in the process of hatching new plans. The computer industry is speeding towards the future at breakneck speed. And in particular video games are what the youth of tomorrow will be hooked on. Nintendo’s share in the market is huge despite losses due to the arrival of new contenders on the scene.

Wherever the chips may fall, at least for now, Nintendo has backed out of appearing at the conference. It may be a gamble worth it or it may prove deleterious in the end. The hard decisions taken by CEOs are not a by-product of cold vanity or mindless whimsical thinking. They are measured, rationally thought-out imperatives that are practiced and not just spoken for the sake of being spoken. Whether Satoru Iwate has made a mark upon the world or a mistake will be decided in the coming years as the financial progress of Nintendo unfolds as per conditional circumstances.


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