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Obama Blames Drugs and Guns for Violence in Mexico

The first black President of the United States, Barack Obama blamed the gun manufacturers for most of his country’s problems. He also condemned the drug trade for causing so much instability in the United States as well as Mexico. The guns & drugs culture came under heavy criticism for the recent spate of violence.

May 4 2013, 8:14am CDT | by

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Obama Blames Drugs and Guns for Violence in Mexico

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Obama Blames Drugs and Guns for Violence in Mexico

Obama Blames Drugs and Guns for Violence in Mexico

Obama while speaking in Mexico stated his opinions on the level of violence that was the scourge of the Mexicans. In his own words “much of the root cause for violence in Mexico is the demand for illegal drugs in the United States.” He laid the blame squarely on the gun manufacturers as well. The majority of the guns in Mexico came from across the border.  While Obama spoke favorably of the constitutional right to carry weapons for the sake of self defense, he said it came with a definite proviso. This was the series of reforms necessary to disallow criminals, psychopaths and terrorists from brandishing these deadly arms. For even the right instrument in the wrong hands proves to be homicidal if not suicidal.

The president assured the audience that he would do all that lay in his power to pass these reforms and amendments so as to minimize fallout from the possession of firearms. According to Yahoo News , he further went on to laud Mexico as a rising power on the world scene. The land of the Mexicans would now take its rightful place among the sovereign nations. The president narrated the fact that the drug and violence culture that was the common experience of both the United States and Mexico was coming to an end. Obama who was on a three day tour of Mexico and Costa Rica wanted to stress the covering of these two hurdles that remained in the way of peace.

Since it was the Hispanic vote that caused Obama to win elections for a second term in office, he was appreciative and supportive of most of the people of Mexico, Central America and South America. However, the picture is in fact not as optimistic as Obama paints it. The poverty in Mexico has been pretty much the same over the past years. The economic growth is minimal and pollution is so bad that it ranks among the worst in the world. Rabid unemployment forces many of the disenfranchised and disgruntled youth to turn to drug mafia bosses for a means of livelihood. Obama has acknowledged America’s predatory role in the present troubles inflicting Mexico. However, he urged a movement away from old stereotypes. This was the only way forward towards a justice-oriented and peacefully-coexistent society.


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