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Sex Superbug Reports Proves to be a Rumor

While the rise in sexually transmitted diseases, in particular AIDS, has been the scourge of the 20th century, rumors of a sex superbug have been proven wrong. Scientists say that the reports of an infectious agent on the scene are nothing but a load of bunkum. Such sexual scares are a figment of the public’s collective imagination.

May 7 2013, 6:20am CDT | by

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Sex Superbug Reports Proves to be a Rumor

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Sex Superbug Reports Proves to be a Rumor

Sex Superbug Reports Proves to be a Rumor

Like the AIDS scare which proved very real, rumors of a sex superbug which is about to invade the private lives of millions of Americans has proven to be nothing but humbug (no pun intended). According to NBC News , despite the persistence of a severe strain of gonorrhea which does not respond to ordinary medicine, this propaganda about a superbug and that too a sexual one is a lot of bosh and tosh.

In the words of Dr Kimberly Workowski, “The sky is not falling yet!” News channels had previously reported the discovery of an unheard of variety of gonorrhea referred to as HO41 which had erupted in Hawaii. As the grapevine had it, this was a rare mutant culture of the bacteria that didn’t seem to be eradicated by Ceftriaxone, the drug commonly used to fight the disease.

It was only later on that the whole sensational news turned out to be a false alarm. The outbreak had in fact been H11S8, an altogether different brand of the venereal disease that was cured by the antibiotic named Azithromycin. Associated Press later on took back its words much to the annoyance and chagrin of many who had been given the fright of a lifetime.

The fact of the matter is, HO41 has never been that common on a global level. The first case of this biological hazard was detected in a Japanese lady who was involved in prostitution. This was in the year 2009. Since then, only a few isolated cases have come under the focus of the media. Otherwise there have been no signs of the rare disease reaching epidemic proportions far less pandemic levels.

While this has been a faux pas of sorts, the talk of untreatable gonorrhea is a very real fact and not a social blunder. So many sufferers have the disease yet it is insidious and shows no symptoms in its manifestation. Furthermore, the disease developed immunity to every drug on the market over the years. The only last ditch stand against it is the present treatment which consists of Cephalosporins. When gonorrhea becomes incurable it is a health hazard of the biggest kind.

The medical profession has always advised people only to have conjugal relations with healthy partners. If they do engage in sex with unrelated people they should always use condoms no matter what. The job of the public is to act responsibly and follow these guidelines instead of partaking in unprotected promiscuous sex which can only lead to trouble.

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