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Man’s Nose Leaking Brain Fluid

A man in Arizona had a constant case of nasal mucus discharge which turned out to be a leakage of brain fluid. Joe Nagy was sick and tired of the year round runny nose he found himself stuck with. When the allergy medicine didn’t work he went to a specialist and found out the truth.

May 8 2013, 2:49am CDT | by

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Man’s Nose Leaking Brain Fluid

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Man’s Nose Leaking Brain Fluid

Man’s Nose Leaking Brain Fluid

The state of Arizona had a hay fever season that was the worst in its history. Everywhere people went around with noses dripping and bloodshot eyes. But the moment the pollen season stopped so did the symptoms in the common folk. However, in the special case of one man named Joe Nagy the so-called allergy persisted for a whole year.

Joe Nagy told My Fox Pheonix that he was literally afflicted with a chronic syndrome of nasal fluid running all the time from his reddened nose. At first he took all the necessary precautions such as tons of tissue papers and allergy medication. But when the matter didn’t resolve itself in a year’s time he got worried and decided to visit a specialist. That was when the full story came out. The unbelievable fact was that the nasal dripping was actually brain fluid.

As a man who had had it up till here with the allergy, Joe Nagy decided to go to an expert and get a proper checkup. He had spent too long a time self-medicating himself. That was when the real surprise came. After a thorough examination the suspected allergy never emerged. What did turn up was a meningitis-related rupture between his brain box and nose passage which was the real cause of the leakage that went on forever.

At first Joe got quite scared as anyone in his place might be. He also questioned the fact why his brain hadn’t dried out. But his doctor named Mr. Nakaji assured him that it was a standard procedural operation that he would wake up from unharmed. Furthermore he was calmed by the answer that the brain produces a lot of fluid everyday so no brain damage would have occurred at all.
After the small operation, during which a piece of cartilage taken from Joe’s nose was glued onto the rupture, he felt just fine. No more runny nose was there. As he reached for a tissue he noticed that the leakage had stopped. What a relief! Now Joe is thankful and wants to get on with life. He plans to carry on his hobbies which include model craft making. The constant affliction has vanished leaving Joe Nagy in peace and contentment for the rest of his life.

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