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Apple worked with Publishers to Fix e-book prices

The US Justice Department filed a court case against Apple complaining of price fixing allegations. Apple may be in deep trouble due to the fact that it fixed the prices of its e-books. The consequences of this will have to await the decision of the trial.

May 15 2013, 8:09am CDT | by

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Apple worked with Publishers to Fix e-book prices

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Apple worked with Publishers to Fix e-book prices

Apple worked with Publishers to Fix e-book prices

Apple has given the world so much. Yet it has taken so much from it too. The computer technology giant has been accused of stripping the authority from the retailers of setting prices in the market. This can have grave consequences since a recent case was filed against Apple in the law circles. The antitrust wing of the Justice Department will go into action soon as it is on the case. The trial is set for June 3rd and will include as substantial evidence excerpts from the late Steve Jobs’ emails. For now Apple is being sued and the stand of the prosecutors is not showing any signs of laxity.

The conspiracy to considerably increase the rates of e-books has been exploded. A spokesperson for Apple stated to Bloomberg that his company did not engage in such practices.  He reiterated the fact that its representatives will go on trial and defend themselves. Apple has taken part in dialogue with book publishers over e-book sales and marketing. Apple Incorporated has flatly refused to accept any accusations regarding a so-called conspiracy. The stuff reeks of politics and intrigue. The competition and rivalry is neck to neck. Both sides are fully armed and have the documents to prove their innocence in the matter.

The violation of antitrust laws has been an issue that Bill Gates’ Microsoft faced as well. But Gates was such a super genius that he managed to slip through the fingers of the law. With Steve Jobs dead, Apple will have a hard time getting out of this conundrum. Retailers normally buy stuff in huge quantities. This runs counter to what Apple has in mind. So Apple has been said to have started a price-fixing scheme. But when you ask them they will never respond in such a manner as to lend self-incrimination any credence. Apple has outright denied any involvement.

The stakes are high on both ends. This is a battle of principles in which the victory will go to the party with the most evidence not to mention the best lawyers. Is Apple up to it? That will be decided soon enough. Till then the best that the executives at the multinational with the crunchy fruit logo can do is keep their fingers crossed and knock on wood.

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