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Microsoft to Announce New Xbox Today

Microsoft has got a surprise for all its fans. It will announce the debut of its new Xbox on Tuesday. This announcement comes as a fresh breath of air for the new generation. Microsoft will compete with Apple, Facebook along with Google and Amazon now.

May 21 2013, 5:58am CDT | by

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Microsoft to Announce New Xbox Today

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Microsoft to Announce New Xbox Today

Microsoft to Announce New Xbox Today

In normal circumstances, Microsoft would have revealed its new Xbox at the E3 event. Yet that is not the case this time around. Microsoft is going to announce revamped Xbox at an event in Redmond, Washington today. According to sources, weeks before the planned debut, Microsoft has set the time for Tuesday to surprise the world with its new Xbox. Some say this is a tact the purpose of which is to get even with Sony which has already shown its wonder, the PS4, to the global market months ago. Already, the two systems are the talk of the global village. This is because there are so many features in each one of them.

The Sony presentation is a prime example of how these multinational companies work. There were many aspects of the product that were deliberately kept hidden. And this subtle method of “keep them guessing” worked marvels for Sony’s reputation. Yet there is a big threat for Microsoft from Amazon and Google. As both companies are launching there own new software and devices that can work for different types of games and entertainment on smartphones, computers and home electronics. While the Microsoft’s Xbox till now is compatible to work only with Sony's PlayStation and Nintendo’s Wii devices. Now this updayed version of Xbox launching today, will be "capable of delivering more programming, entertainment and services, moving it further beyond the gaming realm", as reported in Bloomberg .

Microsoft too has its qualities and one of them is the art of keeping names a mystery. The name of the new Xbox has been kept a well-guarded secret. The confusion regarding a suitable name has the people perplexed and in a daze. In such an environment of hearsay, rumors thrive. Some have called it the Xbox Fusion and others have labeled it something else altogether. These may well be fake rumors which feed the rumor mill yet they do create a sense of anticipation and excitement. The unknown is a source of much wonder and thrill.

There is the issue of price. Microsoft has not said that it will be a cheap bargain. There are those who say it will cost at least $400. We will know the full story at the E3 despite the partial debut set for the day after today. According to the grapevine, Microsoft will either reveal the price or the console but not both at the same time thereby keeping the audience in a state of suspense.

Finally, there are some other issues that will have to be addressed. The differences between the devices of Microsoft and Sony were not all that far apart last time. This time it remains to be seen whether there will be such a world of difference between the two products from each company respectively.

Microsoft may well have a monopoly on the best gaming device around for miles. It not only features Skype and a SmartGlass app but also has an email facility. Beside this there is a DVD/Blue Ray Drive, a super-speedy processor and a virtually limitless memory bank. And as for the nasty controversial stuff the less said about it the better. There have always been rabble rousers and rumor mongers who thrived on creating such mischief. The best that Microsoft can do is to either ignore the crazy talk or repel it with wisdom and sanity.


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