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Powermat Acquires PowerKiss Today

In unity lies strength. Powermat and PowerKiss, two wireless network companies have united under one name: Powermat. Hence, it is Powermat that acquires PowerKiss. It is a systematic synergy where one plus one is greater than two. In other words the sum resultant is more than the sum of its parts.

May 21 2013, 11:45am CDT | by

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Powermat Acquires PowerKiss Today

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Powermat Acquires PowerKiss Today

Powermat Acquires PowerKiss Today

They were rivals once and engaged in intense competition. But today they have made up with each other and sealed the deal as announced officially. The powerful wireless companies with similar yet slightly different names decided to unite under the rubric of Powermat. The past incompatibility has literally gone with the wind. It had been a painful inconvenience for users who had to opt for one or the other. The new standards they both operate under are the PMA rules and regulations that have other giants behind them such as Starbucks, Procter & Gamble and AT&T.

Powermat is king in the USA with over 1500 outlets spread all over airports, cafes and shopping malls. Meanwhile, PowerKiss has 1000 venues in many places across the Atlantic in Europe. Via merging companies the provision of wireless power to a global audience has been made a viable possibility.

The postmodern nomadic existence of the throwaway, fast-paced society requires a power supply round-the-clock. By a uniting of interests it will be ensured that all consumers will be able to avail the opportunity of recharging their devices. People are looking forward to a day when they can effortlessly gain access to wireless networks from residence to office premises and from café to airport portal. The two organizations which are at one with each other today already had similar styles and philosophies.

PowerKiss has headquarters which are based in Helsinki, Finland. Like Nokia, another Finnish phenomenon, it too is a big gun among small time players. With the takeover by Powermat, both Old World (Europe) and New World (America) will become one as far as connectivity is concerned. When two ones become inseparable two it is a marriage made in heaven.

The history of mergers and takeovers shows that though there may be downsizing and loftier standards once a larger organization takes over a smaller one, ultimately profits accrue not only to the bosses but to the employees as well. There are many beneficial effects in the long run especially if the new administrators show skill in handling the affairs of the engulfed enterprise. Powermat will progress in the future especially now that it has co-opted its major rival and adversary.


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