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Americans Use Smartphones 58 minutes per Day

A recent survey showed that most Americans spend 58 minutes per day on their smart phones. During this time span of nearly an hour they engage in all sorts of activities ranging from talking to text messaging to social networking.

May 30 2013, 4:22am CDT | by

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Americans Use Smartphones 58 minutes per Day

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Americans Use Smartphones 58 minutes per Day

Americans Use Smartphones 58 minutes per Day

A report published some time back laid out the facts for everybody to see. Americans take 58 minutes a day with their smart phones. Despite the image of nerds and geeks spending virtually all day operating their gadgets instead of socializing, the actual reality is far from that humid isolation for the average run-of-the-mill American citizen.

According to Experian , they spend a major part of the time engaged in conversation on their smart phones. The percentages are broken down thus: 26% of the time is spent talking to family and friends; 20% is passed text messaging one another; going on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter accounts for 16% while web browsing is at 14%. Meanwhile, owners of iPhones spend more time hooked up to their devices than Android users. In fact, there was a time lapse of almost half an hour between the total durational handling of both devices among their respective users. 

What this data points towards is the breakdown of a stereotype. The usual image of the American man or woman is one of a person constantly glued to his or her smart phone. This perception of compulsivity is not a reality. Americans have better things to do with their time than spending it entirely on technological stuff. That means they do socialize and do other important things throughout the length of a day. It was city-dwelling teenagers and people who had recently achieved full fledged adult status that were more likely to go overboard when it came to high tech devices. Gaming took up a measly 9% of space in the daily schedule. In fact, surprisingly video streaming viewership dropped to an infinitesimal 1%.

This news is a source of optimism since it proves once and for all that we are not living in an age of intense narcissism. There are people who still follow the age old norms of getting together to enjoy nature and picnics as well as outdoor sports. Not all individuals in society are subject to cabin fever. While all forms of technology, including the Internet, are sources of inspiration and tools on the journey of life, they are not the be-all-and-end-all of existence. Human beings need to interact with human beings rather than rely on fake mediating technology.


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