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Windows 8.1 Official Version Features Start Button

Microsoft ends the rumor period today. Windows 8.1 is now official with a totally redesigned "Start Button". New features like cloud connectivity, enhanced navigation and many other are added in Windows 8.1 which is an updated version of the Windows 8.

May 30 2013, 4:06pm CDT | by

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Windows 8.1 Official Version Features Start Button

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Windows 8.1 Official Version Features Start Button

Windows 8.1 Official Version Features Start Button

Microsoft's Corporate VP for Windows Program Management, Antoine Leblond, has officially announced today about the Windows 8.1 new features. The official first look of the Windows 8.1 reveals the return of the Start Button. The long rumored start button is shipped with new package along with increased cloud connectivity, personalization, Bing search and many security updates. The start button is embedded in new package. But its design is completely reinvented from scratch. The name is same along position but the functioning is completely different. The ease of use with keyboard, mouse is key factor in its implementation.

The new Windows 8.1 has more deep integration with cloud storage SkyDrive. You do not need to worry about your connectivity and data storage. You will have access to your data online or offline along with your personalized settings of Outlook. As Bing search engine is failed to gain popularity after merging with Yahoo. The new push is not purposed to support enhanced feature for users, it rather will help company to promote is search service with user interface tits and bits.

Windows 8.1 user interface is very rich and it gives better options for personalization than ever before. The following rich set of features is added to increase the personalization experience of consumers.

  • Picture locks can be arranged in a frame to give family orientation to your desktop.
  • Lock screen can be used to capture images without logging in.
  • Start Menu is introduced. It can be customized for font, background and animations.
  • Wallpaper, screensaver and start menu background pictures can be changed from one point.
  • Start menu display in full screen with columnar style. It give ease of use and accessibility for consumers.
  • Press and hold is improved for document, app or folder moving from one point to another.

Microsoft Windows Market Place has more than 70,000 app online both free and paid. Build 8.1 closely integrates it with local operating system. You can view more detail of free apps, install them and display multiple apps on screen. All major apps developed by this Company facilitate cross-app support for images editing. For example if we download a application from this store to manage and play music, it will have access to local or cloud storage under our domain. Microsoft’s vision for dominated touch market and an operating system like Windows 8 was a landmark in computing history. After its release and receiving millions of updates from users, developers team have packed many improvements for navigation via keyboard, mouse, touch and other commercial devices available.

GUI is improved to deliver the personnel setting close to your hand so that you do not need to visit control panel. PC setting provides you access to the following settings now.

  • Wallpaper
  • Screensaver
  • Display Resolution
  • Windows update panel
  • Joining a workgroup or domain
  • Change or input genuine product key
  • Change power options
  • Manage cloud storage SkyDrive settings

Microsoft is owner of Windows and it will definitely will push its product line too. The new update package ships with Internet Explorer 11 for web browsing. Changing touch environment and its dominance required redesigning of many apps. IE11 is built with modification to IE10 focusing to touch environment. The common drop down menu options are discouraged in new version and tab browsing is introduced.


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