Take the cuffs off recruiting? Holy Moses!

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Published: 5/22/2013 7:46 PM | Last update: 5/22/2013 7:46 PM On the short drive to the gym one morning this week, I spied a kid who couldn't have been more than 10. He was on the running trail and moving at a steady pace. Impressive, I thought. ...

May 22 2013, 8:18pm CDT

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Update: 10

ULM football coaches turn to Twitter as recruiting tool

Source: The Monroe News Star

Calling all Twitter users or tweeters or twits ... whatever the Twitter-savvy way is to say it. ULM head coach Todd Berry cannot help you with the Twitter lingo, but he is on Twitter and according to the last check he is th ...
Full article at: The Monroe News Star  More like this  7 hours ago

Update: 9

M. Basketball. Marshall Law: Ramblin' Around ...

Source: The Auburn University Official Athletic Site

New Auburn baseball coach Sunny Golloway took the high road in response to angry, bitter and classless words from Braves' broadcaster and former Oklahoma All-American Joe Simpson. I won't dignify Simpson's words by ...
Full article at: The Auburn University Official Athletic Site  More like this  9 hours ago

Update: 8

Thiel: Big day in court for big-college sports


Ed O’Bannon was a great college player in the 1990s at UCLA, but may have greater sports impact on the game in court than on it. / Jack Rosenfeld, Wiki Commons Discussing the threat posed by a lawsuit aimed almost directly at amateurism, the foundation ...
Full article at:  More like this  14 hours ago

Update: 6

Lawsuit Over Athletes' Rights Challenges NCAA

Source: Hartford Courant

Ed O'Bannon, the 1995 college basketball player of the year, said he isn't suing the NCAA to get rich. It's about fairness. The former UCLA forward is challenging the right of college sports' governing body, conferences and schools to keep proceeds fro ...
Full article at: Hartford Courant  More like this  16 hours ago, 5:22pm CDT

Update: 5

FENNO: Ed O'Bannon lawsuit ruling could hasten end of NCAA model

Source: Washington Times

“[The NCAA is] firmly committed to the neoplantation belief that the enormous proceeds from college games belongs to the overseers (the administrators) and supervisors (coaches). The plantation workers performing in t ...
Full article at: Washington Times  More like this  16 hours ago, 5:06pm CDT

Update: 4

W. Basketball. Weatherspoon Announces Coaching Additions

Source: Louisiana Tech Official Athletic Site

"Being on the Lady Techster women's basketball staff is an absolute blessing for me," Ekanem said. "I have been offered several college jobs in the past few years but was never ready to make that move nor ...
Full article at: Louisiana Tech Official Athletic Site  More like this  16 hours ago, 4:55pm CDT

Update: 3

Kentucky Football: Davis Twins To Transfer From Pittsburgh To Kentucky

Source: A Sea of Blue

Both of the Davis twins were three-star members of Pitt’s 2012 recruiting class, rated as the No. 32 (Demitrious, who will be a wide receiver/running back at UK) and No. 33 (Chris, cornerback) "athletes" in the ...
Full article at: A Sea of Blue  More like this  17 hours ago, 4:05pm CDT

Update: 2

Mailbag: Yes it's June, let's talk football anyway

Source: Columbus Ledger-Enquirer (Georgia)

From a farm in Michigan, where we are looking over bucolic Midwest scenery, we take a break to address what's truly important: Georgia football. And other stuff. 1) The only thing glaring at me from post spring depth chart is Brice Ramsey being ...
Full article at: Columbus Ledger-Enquirer (Georgia)  More like this  18 hours ago, 2:55pm CDT

Update: 1

EA Sports releases early demo of NCAA Football 14

Source: Orlando Sentinel

EA Sports will release its latest college football video game – NCAA Football 14 – on July 9, but fans who are itching to get a sneak peek of the game can download a demo on Xbox 360 and PS3 now. The latest incarnation of t ...
Full article at: Orlando Sentinel  More like this  21 hours ago, 11:56am CDT


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