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Anti-Bullying Isn’t the Answer. ~ Rhonda Travis

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As a mother having raised three teenagers some years ago, I still remember how many steps along that road were strewn with psychological landmines. In terms of acknowledging the impact of the behavior teen ...

May 27 2013, 9:21pm CDT

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Why This Arcade Fire Violinist Isn't A Yoga Robot

Source: Refinery29

We love overachievers who manage to make it all look easy. Take Sarah Neufeld, for instance. Not only is she the violinist for the Arcade Fire and Bell Orchestre, the 33-year-old is releasing a solo album — all this, and s ...
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"To save a single soul is to save an entire world."

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Is the Motivation to Stay Healthy Worth the Sacrifice?

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I’m not necessarily referring to the naked body, per se, but the ability to commit to a “cleanse of the heart, mind, and soul”. We have such incredible and sound intentions on looking good for the summer; we eat right, we tweak a few thin ...
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4 Essential Tools For a Home Yoga Practice

Source: Bella Sugar

Developing a yoga practice at home can help anyone who's on a budget, never makes it to the studio, or simply wants to enjoy some yoga in the comfort of her own home! Whether you're a beginner or an advanced yogi, watch this video to learn all about ...
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When Your Past Creeps Up to Haunt You. ~ Aseem Giri

Source: Elephant Journal

Every day that we have lived and the experiences we have had define us as whom we are. And those experiences cast a shadow. They will impact our future behavior. Some shadows will support extremely positive behavior, others will leave us ...
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