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Rand Paul: Don't close Guantanamo Bay prison

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U.S. Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., at the 2013 Conservative Political Action Conference in National Harbor, Md., March 14, 2013 . UPI/Kevin Dietsch License photo NEW YORK, May 26 (UPI) -- U.S. Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., said Sunday th ...

May 26 2013, 11:57am CDT

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Update: 10

Sen. Rand Paul sends letter to FBI Director Robert Mueller on domestic drone use

Source: FOX News

Reade Sen. Paul’s letter below and post your thoughts in the comments. Get Greta's Breaking News Alerts via email. Enter your email address below to sign up. Get Greta's breaking news alerts via email This material may not be published, b ...
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Update: 9

"Now the president said he won't use that power. But [I and other civil libertarians] think a president who really believes in civil liberties would have vetoed the bill, and not signed the bill"

Source: United Press International

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Update: 8

Sen. Rand Paul demands more info on FBI domestic drone program

Source: Washington Examiner

The Service Employees International Union, one of the strongest supporters of comprehensive immigration reform in the labor movement, issued a statement to reporters today lamenting that senators beefed up the border... Supporters of the Senate' ...
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Update: 6

Stop force-feeding Gitmo prisoners: Senator


GUANTANAMO BAY: US Senator Dianne Feinstein urged the Pentagon on Wednesday to stop force-feeding hunger-striking prisoners at the Guantanamo Bay detention camp and called the practice “out of step” with medical ethics and international norms. Feinstei ...
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Update: 5

Rand Paul: DNI Clapper 'Just Decided to Lie'

Source: Big Government

by Ben Shapiro 20 Jun 2013, 12:57 PM PDT post a comment Paul said that Clapper said that he fibbed because it was classified material. Paul pointed out that “once you start lying you lose your credibility … I’m distrustful of them, and I think that’s s ...
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Update: 4

Rand Paul wants to block Obama from sending aid to Syria

Source: The Daily Caller

Republican Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky is one of four senators on Capitol Hill who introduced a new bill Thursday that would block President Obama from getting involved in the Syrian civil war. It comes after the Obama administration announced plans l ...
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Update: 3

Rand Paul immigration amendment would gut pathway to citizenship

Source: Salon

The protests take on a festive element as police forces move out of the park and square. Wearing a gas mask, this young man dances to traditional Turkish music in front of Taksim Square’s Ataturk Monument. In Gezi Park since ...
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Update: 2

Rand Paul One of Four Senators To Introduce Bill To Block Military Funds to Syria

Source: Reason

Credit: Gage Skidmore/wikimediaSens. Tom Udall (D-N.M), Chris Murphy (D-Conn.), Mike Lee (R-Utah), and Rand Paul (R-Ky.) have introduced legislation that would block military funds from going to Syria. Text of the bill below, courtesy of Sen. ...
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Update: 1

Rand Paul May Save Republicans. Ted Cruz May Kill Them.


I doubt Rand Paul will ever be president. But he might rescue the Republican Party, which would still be a pretty good line on his resume. Paul is suddenly getting good press. Rich Lowry, editor of the Nati ...
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