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Tapping of Tech Firms’ Data

The Obama administration confirmed its complicity in the surveillance of information that was strictly confidential. The tapping of the secret data of various tech firms was taking place.

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FBI and NSA Also Tapping Tech Firms’ Data

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Tapping of Tech Firms’ Data

FBI and NSA Also Tapping Tech Firms’ Data

Big Government is known for its prying ways. The Obama administration is no different. Just recently it acknowledged guilt regarding the eavesdropping into other people’s call records. The NSA along with the PRISM classified program had been snooping around regarding stuff that was no concern of the agencies. According to The Wall Street Journal, the practice was a continuation of George W. Bush’s Patriot Act and was geared towards potential foreign terrorists. Among the targeted high tech agencies that were being spied on were: Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Yahoo. There were several others as well. This embroiled the Obama administration in a scandal, the largest of its kind in recent years.

Most of the company heads denied any previous knowledge of the matter. In fact, they appeared shocked and confused as to how such a blatant disregard of privacy and confidentiality could have taken place right under their noses. However, the cold hard facts suggest they were accomplices in this great game. Several statements flowed out of the numerous tech firms involved in the scandal denying the allegations.

The Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper spoke of how the whole program was not intended to hurt US citizens but was instead focused on foreigners and aliens. Only people who were not Americans and that too those who resided outside the United States were the target. He termed the program crucial and said that it lay entirely within the ambit of the law. However, there are those who condemn this as an outright violation of civil liberties and human rights.

The tech firms have vague language expressing a guarantee to keep other people’s information safe and sound from governmental scrutiny. They hardly act on their promises though. Google especially is responsible for a number of transparency reports in the past which disclose information regarding its customers. The consequences for the citizens of the global village are devastating. When everything you say or write on a daily basis via phone or email or the commentary boxes at the end of sites are not kept safe from governmental meddling there is bound to be an atmosphere of fear and paranoia. This reminds one of an Orwellian 1984-like Big Brother future dystopia that no one would like to have. What it comes down to is the fact that either we could have freedom of speech and a bit of chaos or complete censorship and a peace of the graveyard. The choice is up to the consumer activists and human rights groups of the world.   


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