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Sprint to Sale LG Optimus F3 for $30 Starting June 14

LG and Sprint have combined their respective talented teams of technicians to come up with the Optimus F3 coming to sale on June 14. This smartphone features advanced accessibility and comes at a reasonable rebate price of just $30. Which means it is just the thing for the visually impaired or handicapped.

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Sprint to Sale LG Optimus F3 for $30 Starting June 14

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Sprint to Sale LG Optimus F3 for $30 Starting June 14

Sprint to Sale LG Optimus F3 for $30 Starting June 14

By sharing their technological expertise, LG and Sprint have produced a smartphone with TalkBack facility, a Google app which allows the blind and otherwise handicapped to use the phone with ease. The written material is acoustically presented to the users and the device even features vibration prompt messages that alert the owner regarding various issues. The beautiful thing is that the app automatically appears on the menu the moment you activate the F3. There is an extra Education ID Pack which allows learning resources to be made freely available for the physically impaired among us. The product is also a boon for geriatrics who will find it very useful indeed. It is the marriage of sane corporate thinking and good business sense that have led to this decision to launch the Optimus F3.

Despite FaceTime there remain a number of hurdles in the way of the blind using smart phones. This great gadget will see to it that they don’t suffer anymore. This even includes those who have hearing deficiencies. Even they can benefit immensely from this nifty contraption. The buttons turn different hues in order to signal various pieces of data to the end users. Thus a red signal means a text message has arrived. When the button turns green it stands for an incoming call. Such excellent solutions to everyday problems can only come from genius minds. The smart phone comes with a range of very cool features. They include in their purview: a Q Translator with a long list of languages that can be linguistically converted into English, the international language of today; an Android 4.1.2, Jelly Bean; a four inch display made of Gorilla Glass 2; Wi-Fi connectivity and Bluetooth technology and last but not least a silent mode that lends consumers the peace of mind they sometimes desire.

With the trends changing and human rights spreading as far as the darkest jungles of Africa, technology too is keeping pace with the evolutionary developments. The extreme pace we find nowadays is just a sign of a correcting of what was a flaw in humanity’s traditions of downplaying the weak and lionizing the strong. Today it is all about providing resources and justice where it is deserved. And so the Sprint LG Optimus F3 comes to light up the world of the visually challenged on June 14, 2013. And at a mere $30 it is the smartest and best bargain any man or woman can strike with the high tech firms of today.


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