The Avengers: Age of Ultron 3rd Trailer is Here …What to Expect?

The Avengers: Age of Ultron 3rd Trailer is Here …What to Expect?

Aston Martin DBX Electric GT Concept Stuns

Aston Martin DBX Electric GT Concept Stuns

Apple Postpones Production of 12.9-inch iPads, Says Report

Apple Postpones Production of 12.9-inch iPads, Says Report

Sony will launch Project Morpheus VR Headset in 2016

Sony Will Launch Project Morpheus VR Headset for PS4 in 2016

Apple Working on a Waterproof iPhone, Patent Applications Shows

Apple Working on a Waterproof iPhone, Patent Application Shows

BlueStacks' GamePop Android Console Brings Apple iOS Games to TV

Jun 7 2013, 2:35pm CDT | by , in News | Apple


Apple can not brings its own iOS games to TV that BlueStacks actually did. Android gaming console GamePop turns impossible into possible. It is the first ever gaming controller that allows to play iOS games on TV.

BlueStacks becomes first company to bring Apple's iPhone, iPad games to your television with free game controller. GamePop gaming console is powered by Google Android. Company has officially revealed to achieve a land mark of 10+ million installations. GamePop console will initially support Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, Win-7 and Macintosh OS. Company has recently announced to bring power of millions of free and premium Android games to your doorstep via a console and beautiful controller. Google Play Stores games are not yet released for traditional television via virtualization technology but iOS games are now available to play on TV.

GamePop has only one competitor in market which is Ouya. It is a massive public funded project which is expected to release soon and accepting pre-release orders at $99.99 value with console and controller. Ouya is Android based with completely open source code. Both these projects are yet not released and still we cannot anticipate the progress ahead of public trial. The official representative of the BlueStacks, John Gargiulo, briefed 9To5Mac about the process of bringing iPhone and iPad games to television. He said that “Looking Glass” technology is used mainly to clout such experience. Looking Glass is a codename of technology developed solely by them. The advanced Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are designed to bridge the gap between app and television.

Technical experts do not see any response from Apple Inc. about this new initiative. Apple is launching its own Apple-TV which is in development. John said that GamePop will not be advertised with iOS games. These will be available as add-ons to the normal 500+ Android games. BlueStacks has started taking pre-orders with exclusive discount till June. The pricing structure starts with $129 value initially and $6.99 per month separate subscription fee. A separate option of $250 is also given which delivers 500+ paid games for free. On your first order company will charge extra $9.95 shipping inside US and $19.99 outside US.

Company has signed a distribution deal recently with AMD and Asus to give 750,000 Google Android games to their Lenovo systems. Chief Executive Officer Rosen Sharma is pushing its products to justify the heavy investments of $15 million from the below mentioned investors. BlueStacks Company has investments from Ignition Partners (a leading investor in software and communication technology companies), Indian Investment Firm Helion Ventures Partners, Radar Partners (Wordpress investor), California based Andreessen Horowitz and Redpoint Ventures. Their boards of directors include Rosen Sharma - CEO, Kevin Compton - Investor and Board member from Radar Partners and Frank Artale.

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