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WWDC 2013: Surprises and Expectations from Apple

The WWDC 2013 is to begin from Monday onwards and it will be a show that’ll put all the rest to shame. The preparations are under way and the conference is all set to commence from tomorrow onwards. A great many of Apple’s products will get displayed at the momentous event.

Jun 9 2013, 4:17am CDT | by

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WWDC 2013: Surprises and Expectations from Apple

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WWDC 2013: Surprises and Expectations from Apple

WWDC 2013: Surprises and Expectations from Apple

Once in a while a very hot and happening occurrence takes place that sweeps the competition off its feet with its sheer magic and pure charisma. According to the Telegraph , the WWDC 2013 is just such an event and emotions and expectations are running high as everyone gets all geared up for its opening ceremony due tomorrow. Among some of the cool products that will get displayed include: a spanking new Apple iPhone, a streamlined MacBook Series and the iRadio.

The rumors flew here, there and everywhere as the date for the much-anticipated conference came closer and closer. Finally, when the event is only a day away, the heightened tensions have begun to give way to a great deal of desire and suspense.  While some say there will be an Apple TV in the pipeline, 9to5Mac reports that this may as well be mere hearsay and nothing else. Rather there are chances for the iPhone 6 to have a wider and lengthier display unit. This is to compete with its main contender in the market, Samsung which is known for its Galaxy Series of smart phones. An iPhone 5S and an iPad Mini too figure in the Apple equation.

But the biggest, most exciting revelation for the extravaganza was none other than iRadio, Apple’s streaming service that is absolutely free and features a virtually limitless iTunes anthology. Several music labels including Sony Entertainment and Universal as well as Warner combined forces with Apple to come up with this wonderwork. The twin forces of Spotify and Pandora are looking on in green-eyed envy, since they are now in direct competition with Apple regarding the music business. People would be able to back-track songs as well as pay for iTunes singles any time they like thanks to Apple’s iRadio.

Then there are other things such as the MacBook Pro laptops which will feature two new chips in their basic makeup. This will allow for faster speed and greater connectivity. Tim Cook, the distinguished CEO of Apple will have a lot to say regarding the novelty Desktop Operating System which will exchange its loyalties from one big cat to another: that is from Mountain Lion to Lynx. And finally, the iPod Touch Series will get some inner dimensions tweaked too. Whichever way you look at it, June 10th is the final date set for the conference if everything goes in accordance with plans. Hang on for another 24 hours before the piñata breaks!


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