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Nintendo Announces 3DS and Wii U Games at E3 2013

Nintendo has announced that it will soon be bringing some new video games on the gaming scene. However, the fun-filled games will arrive within a year’s time so the fans will have to wait a little.

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Nintendo Announces 3DS and Wii U Games at E3 2013

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Nintendo Announces 3DS and Wii U Games at E3 2013

Nintendo Announces 3DS and Wii U Games at E3 2013

Nintendo has announced exclusive list of its Wii U and 3DS games to come this year and next year. Microsoft’s Xbox One and Sony’s Playstation 4 may have some competition on their hands. And this rivalry comes from none other than gaming giant and trendsetter Nintendo.  But the whole thing is more than a year away. All the wonderful games will come spilling out in 2014 which is still a long way off. The Wii U won’t back out of the arena. There is a virtual cornucopia of good games that await the eager fans. These include: Mario Kart and Smash Bros; The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker and Donkey Kong Country; Assassin Creed 4: Black Flag and Batman Arkham Origins etc. There are some who don’t have access to the Wii U gaming facility, which will be somewhat of a snag along the way. However, Nintendo has succeeded in letting the world know that it is trying to reach the level of the big boys (that is Microsoft and Sony). The news was aired at the E3 event.

As for the games they have plenty of special effects and cool graphic details to last the gamers their leisure time. The Super Mario World 3D for example will have all the usual characters such as Luigi and Princess Peach. There is even a feline transformation feature that allows characters to turn into cats that can perform various funny antics much to the amusement of the players. Pimkin 3 and Bayonetta are stars in the cast of gorgeous games in store for aficionados. Nintendo 3DS games to come includes The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds; Yoshi’s New Island; Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. However, at present, Sony and Microsoft dominate the market, though how long this will remain in the future is a matter of sheer conjecture. While both the giants unveiled their respective Xbox One and Playstation 4 at the E3 event, Nintendo also announced its games whose arrival is a year from today. There were some who were impatient and hence disappointed by Nintendo’s procrastination, but many others were only too glad that something new and exciting lay in the future.

The fact that all these games will be displayed on the Wii U is a solid reason to buy one. Nintendo has been wrestling with the fine-tuning of its device since winter of last year. Since the struggle to come up with the hardware was so long in the pipeline, Nintendo is cautious about its declarations as was evident from the E3 event. The new editions of older games are just a few of the ploys. Then there is the software and it matters too since the hardware is useless without it. The future will tell which way the winds of Nintendo’s kismet blow. For now it is in a subdued mood. 


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