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AMD Acquires @AMD Due to Entrepreneur’s Charity Exchange

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), a semiconductor company has taken over the Twitter site known by the epithet @AMD which stands for Adam. M. Doppelt, an entrepreneur who contributes to charities. The acquiring of the namesake Twitter label was accomplished after the entrepreneur’s condition of a charity donation of $50,000 in exchange for the rights to the site was accepted by AMD.

Jun 12 2013, 11:14am CDT | by

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AMD Acquires @AMD Due to Entrepreneur’s Charity Exchange

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AMD Acquires @AMD Due to Entrepreneur’s Charity Exchange

AMD Acquires @AMD Due to Entrepreneur’s Charity Exchange

What do Advanced Micro Devices and Adam M. Doppelt have in common? Well, they may have the same initials yet the former is a high tech semiconductor colossus while the latter is an entrepreneur and philanthropist. But according to GeekWire, the organization and the individual did share something that was wanted by the firm. The @AMD at Twitter that the man, who was into mobile devices and other life experiences, had ownership rights to was a hot and wanted property by Advanced Micro Devices.

All of Silicon Valley looked on as the gigantic company negotiated with Adam. Adam M. Doppelt, who was from Seattle, however was adamant that a fund amounting to thousands of dollars be transferred to the bank accounts of certain charity foundations in his locality. This was a lot of money and so the company vacillated. However, Adam was a very conscientious and honest man who stood his ground. Finally, he won the waiting game and the multinational corporation gave in. The site was their personal property for life and the $50,000 check was split equally between two charities (FareStart and Boys & Girls Club of Bellevue, chosen by Adam and AMD respectively).

It is a natural fact that when your name matches the title or label of another entity be it a human or work enterprise there is an extreme curiosity. And if you happen to be a large-enough structure you may decide to buy out the similarly named smaller institution or individual. After all, one’s name is the sweetest word that could enter the ears of a person. And be it the mere initials, one would still hold on to the two or three letters for they form one’s linguistic identity.

So it came to pass that Adam M. Doppelt who has exactly 333 follower tweets on Twitter, finally convinced the big builder of electronic super devices to contribute its share to a worthy and humane cause. The huge company had contacted Adam in 2011 and had been constantly bickering with him regarding the site. All is well that ends well and Adam has shifted to @adamdoppelt which he says is a mixed experience of hope and regret.


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