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Light Bulb Vase

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This is a Light Bulb vase with a wooden stand.This is not easy to make. It takes dangerous power equipment . Materials needed: wood board (i used wh... Tools not in picture: skill saw, hack saw, and a sander bit for drill and dremel. Here you dr ...

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Update: 10

Online Retailer Expands Product Line

Source: Green Lodging News

BALTIMORE—, an online retailer that features a large selection of light bulbs, has just added eco-friendly lighting products to its website. “1 Light bulbs is proud to be a world leader in selling, distributing, and passing on the lowest c ...
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7 Ideas for Using Christmas Lights to Brighten Up Your Outdoor Summer Party

Source: The Stir by CafeMom

Chances are they spend 11 months of the year tangled up in a box. We say, bring them out! String lights should not be winter-only decor. They're perfect for making a patio, backyard, table top, feel magical. Traditional white lights plugged into extensi ...
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Art in Review: ‘Vessels’

Source: International Herald Tribune

Nothing in “Vessels,” at the Horticultural Society of New York’s quiet little gallery in the garment district, looks as if it could actually hold a plant. That’s a compliment, as far as the show’s five ceramics artists are concerned; th ...
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News: Philips allays theatre designers’ fears over future of tungsten lamps

Source: The Stage

Matt is broadcast reporter for The Stage, covering television and radio, and musical theatre. He presents the entertainment news on BBC Radio 2's Elaine Paige show, reporting on the latest developments in the arts w ...
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Update: 6

Types of home security systems

Source: Silicon India

Household induction system lights are made up of three primary items; the solar panel, the LED sensor light and the Auto PIR LED light. The solar panel is made of lots of electrodes covered in a conductive solution. W ...
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8,000 Lights to Light Up the Parachute Jump Before Free Friday Night Fireworks at Coney

Source: Brooklyn, NY

Ah, summer. Go ooh and aah as the Parachute Jump in Coney Island lights up like a Christmas tree with 8,000 bulbs. Free, this Friday. Line and paragraph breaks are automatic. So ...
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The LED Bulb Advantage

Source: Men's Journal

Facebook just added to your Activity: This Article Here's something to think about the next time the light above your kitchen table flickers and dies: The next bulb you buy might just outlast the fixture it's screwed into. ...
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140,000 Los Angeles street lights replaced with energy efficient bulbs

Source: Southern California Public Radio

Los Angeles officials expect to save millions of dollars on the city's light bill now that more than 140,000 street lights have been retrofitted with energy efficient bulbs. In a statement Tuesday, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa says ...
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Update: 2 Announces Launch of New Projector Lamp Category

Source: PR Newswire launches its new Projector Lamp Finder. At shopping for projector lamps should not be a hassle, that's why we created our new projector lamp finder to make shopping fast and easy. WORCESTER ...
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Buying cheap led spotlight gu10 is just on sale

Source: Silicon India

LED spotlight is one of LED products, some people make confused with the LED spotlight and don’t to recognize them. This article will tell you what is a LED spotlight? A LED spotlight is a type of LED light bu ...
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