The latest dance sweeping the globe: DJ Benny B's Taper!

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It seems every few years a new dance sweeps the nation. From Chubby Checker's Twist to The Electric Slide. And who can forget — as much as we'd like to — the Macarena! Well, folks DJ Benny B and the Fed have whi ...

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Guinness World Record At The San Diego County Fair -- Tuesday, June 25.

Source: PR Newswire

The legendary, Chubby Checker, will officiate as fairgoers attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the most people "doing the twist!" (Del Mar, CA - June 19, 2013) Be a part of history. "Come on, baby, let's do the ...
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1950 Evolution of Rock Notes.


1950s - One hit wonder of the 1950s-Was by Chubby Checker called “The Twist” - Allen Freed began to promote Rock n roll by traveling around the country -Television arrived and enabled people to now have an image of who they’re listening to on the ra ...
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Interviews: Ezra Kire (Morning Glory)

Source: Punk News

Ezra Kire is back on top, baby! For a while it seemed as though the Leftover Crack guitarist/ Morning Glory front man was on permanent sabbatical, popping up a few times a year for L.O.C. shows and then fading away again. But then, last y ...
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