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Posted June 20, 2013, 8:30 pm • by Tom Freestone • 0 comments Let's face it: we live in a TL;DR age. (That's "too long, didn't read" for the newbies.) Luckily for you, Celebuzz is here to sum up everything that ...

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Update: 10

Rihanna’s Overalls: Tips On How YOU Can Try The Trend

Source: Hollybaby

Rihanna is always branching out and trying new trends that we would never think of attempting, but she manages to always pull it off effortlessly! The 25-year-old songstress is so fearless when it comes to fashion. She t ...
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Update: 9

Rihanna Hits Fan With Microphone HARD: Watch Now!

Source: The Hollywood Gossip

THG NOTE: Do not get too close to a microphone-wielding Rihanna. That's the moral of this story, as a concert-goer learned the hard way in Birmingham, UK, where she used a mic to take a swing at a clingy fan. Looks like she connected hard with that thi ...
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Update: 8

Robin Thicke And Pharrell’s New Video Gets Banned On Today’s One Minute Music Buzz

Source: Celebuzz

Posted June 19, 2013, 8:30 pm • by Cara Prichard • 0 comments Robin Thicke and Pharrell may have finally knocked Macklemore off the top of the Billboard charts, but YouTube isn't too thrilled with their latest music video. Meanwhile, new things are happe ...
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Update: 6

WATCH: Rihanna Smacks Fan with Mic at Concert

Source: NBC Chicago

Rihanna apparently hit a fan with her microphone for grabbing her during her concert in Birmingham, U.K., on Monday. Video that shows Rihanna hitting a fan with microphone at a U.K. concert Monday has gone viral. Rihanna, singing "We Found L ...
Full article at: NBC Chicago  More like this  1 day ago, 4:06pm CDT

Update: 5

RIhanna Lashes Out Violently When a Fan Gets Too Touchy! (VIDEO)


In the video, which you can see below, Rihanna walks along the front row of the audience, allowing people to touch Her Royal Highness as a burly bodyguard trails behind. But she gets snagged en route by a fan's grasp, so she whips around with fire in her ...
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Update: 4

What's Trending With. . .Heidi Klum

Source: E! Online

Supermodel, mom-of-four, business woman and new America's Got Talent judge—those are just a few of the titles Heidi has under her belt. From the fashion industry to the silver screen, the multitasking star seem ...
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Update: 3

The Real Point of Russell Brand's "Morning Joe" Rant

Source: Daily Paul

“This is a hotbed of neurosis and psychosis!” - Russell Brand Yesterday we were all treated to a viral video of Russell Brand getting a wee bit ranty on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe”. After feeling slighted by the attitude of host Mika Brzezinksi ...
Full article at: Daily Paul  More like this  1 day ago, 11:11am CDT

Update: 2

Rihanna Hits Fan with Microphone at Concert

Source: People

Don't mess with Rihanna! When a fan got too clingy at a recent concert, the singer used her microphone to give the fan a whack – and it was caught on video. While performing at a stop on her latest world tour in Birmingham, England, Rihanna, 25, left t ...
Full article at: People  More like this  1 day ago, 11:07am CDT

Update: 1

Rihanna 'strikes out at fan with microphone' in Birmingham - video

Source: Guardian Unlimited

Amateur footage shows Barbadian R ...
Full article at: Guardian Unlimited  More like this  1 day ago, 10:24am CDT


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