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Apple Plans to Make its own Chips as Buys into Chip Fabrication Plant

Jul 13 2013, 6:38am CDT | by , in News | Apple

Apple Plans to Make its own Chips as Buys into Chip Fabrication Plant

Apple could be building its own CPUs soon. It has partnered with chip fabrication to further this endeavor.

Apple has entered the fabrication industry and is all ready to begin production of its own CPUs. The whole thing was news and it still remains as if hidden behind a darkened glass. Rumors have it that the company with which Apple is in cahoots is the Taiwanese UMC. Of course, the report that Apple was going to let go of Intel has turned out to be nothing but bosh and tosh. However, according to AppleInsider, it has shifted back to Nvidia. The fact that Apple has been lent access to a design team by UMC is the latest scoop. The whole enterprise at Apple will be handled by Bob Mansfield. According to Tim Cook, Apple has semiconductors on its mind.

Meanwhile, Samsung remains the original provider of Apple’s chips. But for once Apple is trying to take its supply chain into its own hands. Intel, IBM, Global Foundries and TSMC are unable to meet the demands of Apple. Therefore the conglomerate has finally decided to go solo. It will require some degree of an independent streak in Apple. But Apple already has this in scads. It got it from the Think Different philosophy of Steve Jobs. Apple has always stood out from the rest in a world of uniformity, mediocrity and conformity. That is the crucial quality that will see it through in the long run.

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