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Top 10 iPhone Rumors

What is big in Apple rumors these days? The most accurate answer is its upcoming event to launch new iPhones and possibly iPads that keep the rumor mills churning. We have picked our very own top ten latest iPhone rumors. They are listed below.

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Top 10 iPhone Rumors

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Top 10 iPhone Rumors

Most of the Apple rumors and speculations are in circulation these days  are mostly about the next-generation iPhone with aluminum body as well as the low-cost plastic iPhone. Release date, specs, hardware and software, design, price and casing colors of upcoming iPhone models are widely speculated upon. We have gone through all rumors and forecasts and picked up those top ten product features you might be expecting to see in the near future. We think they will actually come true in the upcoming and unknown tomorrow.


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Top 10 iPhone RumorsTop 10 iPhone RumorsTop 10 iPhone Rumors

1. At the top of the list are certain rumors related to names of the new iPhone lineup. Almost every big tech site is reportedly calling the new iPhone as 'iPhone 5S' or 'iPhone 6'. But iPhone 5S is mostly claimed to be the name of Apple's new flagship iPhone. On the other hand, the plastic iPhone model is called mostly low-cost iPhone or iPhone 5C. This budgeted iPhone was given the name of iPhone 5C when some images of packaging materials for the upcoming plastic iPhone surfaced online. We are not sure what “C” stands for in “5C”. But it could be for “color” as this plastic model is expected to come in many colors or for some persons it could be “cheap.” So the upcoming low-cost plastic model is named iPhone 5C and as for the new model, it is called iPhone 5S. Yet iPhone 5C is also named as iPhone Light and iPhone M.

2. Coming next is the release date of the upcoming iPhones. According to AllThingsD , September 10th is said to be the big day when the tech giant will launch the iPhone 5S and probably iPhone 5C too, after more than a year of quiet time.  As this highly expected day is coming nearer, the iPhone rumor mill is primed for the pump. But if the iPhone 5C won't be launched on the said date, it is expected to come by the end of September. On the other hand, Apple neither confirms nor denies the speculations about the release date and other features. 

3. As for the latest of iPhone 5S rumors, among them lies one that says that a gold colored variant of the iPhone 5S will come out. What? You mean gold? Yes, you heard right. This time Apple is doing something different and unique for its color variations. The latest leaked images of the device posted by French website MacBoutic , shows theiPhone 5S gold. It is something different from the usual traditional black and white colors. But these images cannot be reliable ones as the Apple and iPhone logos are blurred. Yet a reliable source in the form of KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has already speculating that Apple can launch a 128GB iPhone 5S gold/champagne variant. Kuo also expects the support of Apple's own A7 system-on-a-chip (SoC) based on ARM's 64-bit ARMv8 architecture for the iPhone 5S. Kuo reports (via AppleInsider ) that this chip is designed with 1GB of LPDDR3 RAM.  And it is 20 times more efficient than its predecessor A6. 

4. Next is a component leak of the iPhone 5S design. The new iPhone will have an aluminum casing on the outside.  has done the hardware comparison of iPhone 5S and current iPhone. It shows that iPhone 5S is almost carrying the selfsame external design as that of the current iPhone 5 but a number of internal design tweaks are seen as well. These changes include a tweaked home button component that will be supported by the rumored fingerprint sensor. The back panel also shows that some fine tuning has been carried out on the leaked motherboard. This is regarding camera location and other screw placements that make room for the presence of the new camera module with dual-LED flash

5. Yet the presence of a fingerprint sensor embedded in iPhone 5S convex, sapphire-shaped crystal Home button is also confirmed by Kuo's Thursday report. And it is expected to come with limited authentication. The fingerprint scanner in iPhone Home button was first spotted in June during iOS7 beta launch. Kuo also suggests that this sensor will use AuthenTec technology that Apple recently acquired for $356 million. 

6. Then there is the iPhone 5S camera towards the rear end which is expected to be same 8MP as the current one. But it will be an improved high-end camera with the ability to function even better under low-light due to the presence of a dual-LED flash and a larger F2.0 aperture. Some sources also predict a 12MP or 13MP shooter for the next iPhone model. 

7. The new iPhone 5S can have better connectivity. But many sources claims so far that no near-field communication (NFC) capabilities will be implemented in this next-generation of iPhones. But what can we say if Apple wants to compete with its rivals, It will have to add wireless charging and NFC for things like payments but not for AirPlay-like services. Yet Siri will feature on the new iPhone. It is also being rumored that Qualcomm has created a new 4G chip for iPhone 5S to support worldwide 4G LTEnetwork. This new Qualcomm RF360 FE chip will support eight mobile network standards: LTE-TDD, LTE-FDD, EVDO, WMCDA, CDMA, TD-SCDMA, EDGE and GSM. It means that all global 2G, 3G and 4G networks will work on the iPhone 5S thanks in no small part to this chip.

8. The rumor mills actually give many different views for the iPhone 5S screen size and display resolution. The iPhone 5S will reportedly come with in 4.7-inch and 5.7-inch models, or also a 4.8-inch version that is larger than the current one. A high resolution display is also expected for the new iPhone. Speculation hints towards double pixel resolution from the current iPhone 5 (possibly 1,136x640 pixels for a 4-inch screen). It looks to be one of the sharpest smartphone screens. A Chinese website WeiPhone  also speculates that iPhone 5 will have ultra-narrow screen bezel like iPad mini, but it needs hardware to be redesigned. However, we think Apple won't do it this time around. 

9. What about the inexpensive iPhone 5C? It is said to be Apple's low cost iPhone that will be covered by a plastic casing. However, its casings will reportedly be available in 6 or more different bright colors. UberGizmo has posted a leaked camera image of the device. This leaked image shows the same 8MP rear camera support for iPhone 5C as for the iPhone 5S. The camera is coated with a sapphire crystal scratch-resistant material. Other rumored internal specs of the iPhone 5C are also at a lower level than the iPhone 5S. The rumored screen size of plastic iPhone is 4-inch in size and may be a retina display one. Hardware features of speed, camera and memory functions are there for the eyes to see. They include an A6 processor, 1GB RAM and 4-inch screen display. Famous iPhone analyst Gene Munster (via MacRumors ), who also gives iPhone 5C names to plastic versions, believes that Apple will omit Siri voice recognition feature from iPhone 5C to prevent cannibalizing from iPhone 5S.

10. Pricing rumors for both models vary as regards their figures. Famous Apple pundit John Gruber of Daring Fireball  believes that iPhone 5C will not come cheap as its price will be within the range of $349 to $399. On the other hand, Munster’s price plastic iPhone at an estimated $300 (£195) with SIM free or off-contract option. Other speculations for on-contract prices hint that it is to be a $99 plastic model. It means you have to pay a nominal $99 (£65) upfront payment with 2-years contract to get iPhone 5C in the United States. UK users can get tariffs of £30 or more per month without any contract. However, iPhone 5S can be offered for $499 on-contract in the US. Other sources speculate that there is a £529 price tag for the 16GB version, £599 for the 32GB version and £699 for the 64GB version. The latest rumored gold variant 128GB model can be priced at £799. These prices can get even lower on-contract with different carriers.

This is the latest scoop about upcoming iPhones that is feeding the rumor mill. Yet a larger-screen iPhone is also rumored to come with Apple's first wearable device called “iWatch” by the middle of 2014.


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