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Tim Cook Proflied as the Coolheaded Revolutionary Apple CEO

The genius of Jobs was that he took Apple when it was down in the dumps and took it to the top. Tim Cook who has outlived Jobs is a coolheaded revolutionary who thinks he has it in him to help Apple weather the storm which lies ahead.

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Tim Cook Proflied as the Coolheaded Revolutionary Apple CEO
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Tim Cook Proflied as the Coolheaded Revolutionary Apple CEO

Steve Jobs was genius defined. He had a perfectionist streak in him as well as an eye for detail. Through painstaking effort and hard work the man did wonders for Apple Incorporated. Now that is no more with us, it is the responsibility of Tim Cook to be the steering force at Apple. Yet will he be able to carry the burden that is placed squarely on his back? It’s been two years since Cook took on the post of CEO at Apple. And the future looks precarious and unpredictable. Meanwhile, Apple too has evolved with the times. It is a big business by now. 

During the past half decade or so, Apple has literally taken off into the stratosphere. Yet in spite of everything, the inventive creativity of Jobs has been unmatched by this coolheaded revolutionary. Apple still churns out the same old stuff and any talk of new contraptions is just that, mere talk. There are dire predictions of Apple having lost its passion for more. Steve Jobs once said “Stay hungry. Stay lean.” That element seems to be missing from the present day ensemble that is the culture of Apple. 

While the late Steve Jobs was a wild and woolly bohemian thinker, Tim Cook is the exact opposite. He is a quiet, orderly, mild-mannered man who goes about everything methodically. Yet one should never underestimate the hidden powers and intellect of Tim Cook. He is a very clever if taciturn man. The new culture at Apple has turned into a more humane and kind one thanks in no small part to Tim. And he is also a man who is humble enough to admit his mistakes. These qualities get him an A+ despite the radical difference in style from Steve Jobs. Given half a chance, he will see Apple through the rough times into the future.

Source: Reuters


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Update: 11

This Is The Product That Predicts The Future Of Apple

Source: Business Insider

When it comes to Apple's future, there are two products people focus on — the iPad and the iPhone.  Combined, those products generate ~70% of Apple's sales, and they are leading the company into a "post-PC" world of mobile computing. So, when people see Android taking share in the smartphone and tablet markets, they get worried about Apple's future. After all, if people are buying Android gadgets, then they're not buying Apple gadgets.  And since ...
Source: Business Insider   Full article at: Business Insider 3 days ago, 5:50am CDT


Update: 10

Apple Poached Its Most Controversial Executive From Adobe, But Adobe Threw Him A Party Anyway (AAPL)

Source: Business Insider

Apple and Adobe had an acrimonious relationship a few years ago. In 2010, there was a great debate about whether or not Apple should bring Adobe's Flash, the software that powers many web videos and animations, to the iPhone. Apple wouldn't budge, saying Flash wasn't a good experience on mobile touchscreen devices and caused a huge drain on battery. Steve Jobs famously wrote a public statement on the issue called ...
Source: Business Insider   Full article at: Business Insider 5 days ago, 12:29pm CDT

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Update: 9

Bill Gates shows Zuckerberg how a genius pours ice water on his head

Source: CNet

Now that even Tim Cook is pouring ice water over his head to support ALS, Bill Gates shows that he's still smarter than everyone else ...
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Update: 7

The iPhone's sapphire future comes into focus

Source: Mac World

This may be anathema for someone in the business of writing about tech to say, but I’m not all that interested in iPhone rumors. Shipping products are what grab my attention, not unicorns and phantasms. The minute Tim Cook holds up the new device is the minute it’s worthwhile to start examining features and specs, and all the speculation ahead of time is usually just the noise separating one Apple press event from the next. So why did I take notice of this wee ...
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Update: 6

Apple Shows Off A More Diverse Leadership Team

Source: Fast Company

At Apple, men hold 72% of leadership roles.Earlier this week, Apple caved into pressure and released its first-ever diversity report. The findings were pretty homogenous, especially among its leadership and tech workers. Dissatisfied with these figures, CEO Tim Cook said the company was actively working to change the makeup of Apple--and, on Friday, followed up by showing off more diversity on the company ...
Source: Fast Company   Full article at: Fast Company 6 days ago, 1:36pm CDT

Update: 5

Apple boosts leadership diversity with new VPs

Source: San Jose Business Journal

Apple Inc. has pulled in five new leaders for top positions in its company. They are vice presidents in key divisions within the company: Paul Deneve is VP of Special Projects, Lisa Jackson is from Environmental Initiatives, Joel Podolny is from Apple University, Denise Young Smith is of Worldwide Human Resources and Johny Srouji is from Hardware Technologies. According to tech blog 9to5Mac, they ...
Source: San Jose Business Journal   Full article at: San Jose Business Journal 6 days ago, 1:33pm CDT

Update: 4

Ferguson Shows How “Tried” Is No Longer Enough

Source: Harvard Business Review

Think of the Chief of Police of Ferguson, Missouri not as a cop, but as a failed leader. To start, Chief Thomas Jackson no longer has jurisdiction over his city’s security; the Governor of Missouri has asked his state Highway Patrol captain Ronald S. Johnson to take over. This comes after a national outcry against the police response to protests in the aftermath of the shooting on Saturday of 18-year-old Micha ...
Source: Harvard Business Review   Full article at: Harvard Business Review 6 days ago, 9:42am CDT

Update: 3

Apple Shareholders Are Suing The Company After Judge Finds ‘Ample Evidence’ Of A Conspiracy Against Employees (AAPL)

Source: Business Insider

One Apple shareholder, on behalf of all shareholders, has decided to sue the Cupertino company over its alleged anti-poaching agreements with other Silicon Valley tech companies, according to Patently Apple (via MacRumors’ Richard Padilla). The shareholder, R. Andre Klein, filed a derivative complaint against Apple roughly a week after a district judge rejected a proposed $324 million settlement from Apple and a host of other companies including Google, Intel, Adobe, and ot ...
Source: Business Insider   Full article at: Business Insider 6 days ago, 7:48am CDT

Update: 2

Hiring underway for first Apple Store(s) in the oil-rich nations of the Middle East

Source: 9to5Mac

If you look at map of Apple Store locations around the world, there’s one very obvious wealthy area of the world without a single store: the oil-rich nations of the Middle East. This now looks set to change, as ifo Apple Store spotted Apple job listings for the United Arab Emirates for the complete range of retail store positions. The job listings appeared yesterday, and include the full range of store positions from Store and Market Leader, Manager, Expert, ...
Source: 9to5Mac   Full article at: 9to5Mac 6 days ago, 6:18am CDT

Update: 1

Apple Now Using China Telecom as Data Center Provider in China

Source: Mac Rumors

Apple has officially added China Telecom as a data center provider in China, reports The Wall Street Journal. The move comes after 15 months of "stringent tests and evaluation" by the Fuzhou city government, as Apple states that all data stored on the servers is encrypted. According to Reuters, Apple says the new data center will help improve the speed and reliability of iCloud and the iTunes Store in the region. "Apple takes user security ...
Source: Mac Rumors  Full article at: Mac Rumors 6 days ago, 6:07am CDT

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