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Google Head Eric Schmidt’s Rejoinder to Oracle CEO Larry Ellison’s Claims

The Head of Google, Eric Schmidt has in a rejoinder to Oracle CEO, Larry Ellison rejected his claims. Eric Schmidt has laughed off the allegations of evildoing and theft that Larry Ellison has brought against Google.

Aug 26 2013, 2:55am CDT | by

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Google Head Eric Schmidt’s Rejoinder to Oracle CEO Larry Ellison’s Claims
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Google Head Eric Schmidt’s Rejoinder to Oracle CEO Larry Ellison’s Claims

Google Head Eric Schmidt’s Rejoinder to Oracle CEO Larry Ellison’s Claims
Getty Images

The CEO of Oracle, Larry Ellison brought some pretty serious allegations against Google earlier this month. Among these were claims of the search engine being absolutely evil and pilfering Oracle’s tools. The usage of Java in the context of Android was cited as proof of this. The company known as Oracle had once been engaged in a struggle with Google in the court of law. But it lost the $6 million case badly. However, after the latest mudslinging by Larry Ellison, Google’s chairman decided enough was enough and responded. Eric Schmidt has said that all such claims by Ellison were untrue and that the law was on his side. 

Schmidt’s only defense was that you can’t imprison information. That an idea cannot be the exclusive property of one person or institution was obvious. After all, behind creativity lies cooperation. Nobody has an exclusive monopoly over the wisdom of mankind which is preserved in culture and other institutions such as science, technology, religion and art. We all borrow some things from others and the only true art lies in hiding our sources. If you have a patent you may lay claim to being the sole owner of its copyright code. But when it comes to the airy fairy world of intellectual property, things are a lot more fluid and one man’s creation can inspire a million other spin offs by countless others. Schmidt may be right. Originality is a myth, although a very stable myth. 

Source: Eric Schmidt (Google+) via The Verge


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