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Sony PS4 will be Hottest Black Friday 2013 Game Console

Sony PS4 will be Hottest Black Friday 2013 Game Console

Oct 22 2013, 10:45am CDT | by

Sony PS4 will be Hottest Black Friday 2013 Game Console

Can you name a few hot items on Black Friday? We are sure that among all the items that you will recall and make up a list with either too long or too small, it will surely include gaming consoles. Although they might not be that much essential like televisions or clothing, they are gradually turning into one of the most popular door busters items for Black Friday. If we look around sales from previous years, we can’t deny the fact the sale and popularity of gaming consoles are increasing at a rapid and consistent pace and securing a position among the most popular items in the wish list of all consumers. This is also a specific item that people look forward to buy on Black Friday as they expect to get some amazing deal or discount on this cherished item.  Lucky for them, Black Friday 2013 will bring in some great deals of game consoles as well and people will be able to buy their favorite console at a great price.

The market gaming console is actually divided and ruled by a few businesses. While the XBOX from Microsoft is gradually capturing the market segment with its massive research and development as well as distribution resources, Nintendo is also gaining momentum in the rat race. However, there is one name that doesn’t need to prove anything anymore as it has already proved its supremacy among its consumers and developed a base of loyal customers. Yes! You have guessed it right.  It is no other than PlayStation from Sony dominates the market for gaming consoles and giving both Nintendo and Microsoft a run for their money. If you are also a fan of the Sony PlayStation and eagerly waiting to get your hands on the PS4, we have great news for you all. This Black Friday 2013, you can expect a great deal on this product from most of the retailers and save a big deal of cash as well. According to our reliable sources from i4u, we are pretty much sure that Sony PS4 will be Hottest Black Friday 2013 Game Console.

Black Friday is without any doubt, one of the biggest shopping events for the shoppers. Millions of people eagerly wait for this day as the retailers and businesses always come up with some amazing deal for this day. In fact the event of Black Friday has been always an important occasion for the gaming console companies to promote their existing and new products. We have seen that most of the large retails including Kmart, Best Buy always provide some great deals on the gaming consoles and in most of the year they are included in the door busters as well. In line with this, you can also expect some great deals on gaming consoles on this Black Friday 2013 which is only a few days away. Although the there will be good deals on all the gaming consoles, we are sure that none of these will be as good as the deals on Sony PS4.

There has been a cold war between the gaming consoles and the fight has reached to an extreme point between Sony PlayStation and Microsoft Xbox.  It is expected that these two titans will clash again with the launch of their flagship products named PS4 and Xbox One. People have been eagerly waiting for these two items and they will be really excited to get a deal on the on Black Friday 2013. However, then according to an independent study, they would prefer Sony PS4 than its competitors as it has advanced and friendly features and probably it will be cheaper as well. The study revealed that 26% of 1,297 people surveyed online said that they are likely to buy the new PlayStation 4 when available, versus 15 percent opting for the Xbox One.

However, it is still a bit early to predict or come up with precise news of what kind of deals you can expect on Sony PlayStation 4. Nevertheless, if you look around, you will see that there are hundreds of sites that claiming to stumble on leaks on Black Friday 2013 ads, rumors for Sony PlayStation 4. But as we have already said, it is too early to trust all of them.  It is expected that, Sony PlayStation 4 will be launched on November 15, 2013 which is only a week before Black Friday 2013. This makes it one of the hot items in the market that each one would like to grab. Keeping this in mind, the businesses also plan to come up with some promotional deals for this as well.  As we know, the PlayStation 4 has an AMD Radeon Graphics Core Next engine GPU with 1152 shaders along with 8GB GDDR5 RAM w. Although the expected price for Sony PlayStation 4 is $399.99 ($100 cheaper than Xbox One), you can expect more savings on this if you can wait for a few days.

According to our sources, Best Buy, WalMart as well as Kmart will come up with some deals on them. Even if they can’t provide any deal on the price, they will surely come up with some bundle offer that will include some of the top range popular games. This is also a great deal for the PS4 fanatics as they can save some money on the games. In case you can buy Sony PlayStation 4 from online stores, you can also get some great deals as well. Both Amazon and eBay will have some good offers for their customers on Black Friday 2013. If you book in advance or pre-order from these places, you will surely get some good deals for your much awaited PS4.

However, you have to be really dedicated to this and do your homework before the others. Keep it in mind that the PS4 is a hot item and most of the people are looking for it. If you are a little bit, you might never get your hand on this item. So don’t forget for some homework if you really want PS4 on thos Black Friday 2013.

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