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Apple’s All-New Retina iPad Mini and iPad Air to Rake in the Profits

Apple has just bolstered Wall Street’s reason for existence. Its all-new Retina iPad mini and iPad Air are to rake in the profits like never before. It looks like Apple Incorporated deserves a pat on the back for its latest products which are going to be selling like hotcakes soon.

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Apple’s All-New Retina iPad Mini and iPad Air to Rake in the Profits
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Apple’s All-New Retina iPad Mini and iPad Air to Rake in the Profits

Apple’s All-New Retina iPad Mini and iPad Air to Rake in the Profits
Image Credit: Apple

Apple has just made an announcement regarding its brand new iPad series. And in response the analysts and tech gurus have all weighed in with their share of opinions and expertise. These pundits spoke their minds about the Retina iPad mini and the iPad Air which are all set to take the global environment by storm pretty soon. 

According to Timothy Acuri, the $400 price tag attached with the iPad mini would prove to be a booster shot for profitability and growth. It costs $70 more than the previous year’s version. Apple did its homework concerning this model. And it goes without saying that the OS X Mavericks, iLife and iWork suites can only benefit the company. Then there is Chris Whitmore, who also sees great potential in the iPad Air. At $500, it is a superbly sleek and highly mobile device worth the extra money. 

Gene Munster believes that Apple will see some major growth figures thanks to the dynamic duo which will be coming out soon. Maynard Um thinks the eco-friendly strategy of Apple is going to earn it some gold stars too. The rest include a handful of analysts who have different opinions. 

One says the revamping of the systems will be a direct result of these two iPads, while another one has faith in Apple’s ability to punish its competitors. Whatever the case may be, the timing is right and so is the price. Apple has the two thumbs up gesture from the money moguls at Wall Street. 

Source: AppleInsider


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