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Germany Wants to Shield its Internet After NSA Spying Scandal

Oct 25 2013, 9:52am CDT | by , in News | Technology News

Germany Wants to Shield its Internet After NSA Spying Scandal
Image Credit: Wikimedia

Germany does not want history to repeat itself. The Nazi spying in WWII was a bitter lesson that ought to stay in the past. That is why the Germans are seeking an indigenous German Internet especially after the NSA spying scandal that shocked the world.

When Edward Snowden leaked vital documents that proved once and for all that the US was guilty of spying on the world, it led to a souring of relationships between the lone superpower and the rest of the countries. Even the European cousins of the United States have not spared the Global Policeman from censure. Germany in particular has been at the forefront of the criticism. It is in favor of forming an Internet system that is nationalized. 

Even Angela Merkel’s phone was tapped by the United States leading to outrage and anger among the German people. Over 35 world leaders had had their phone calls spied upon by the so-called upholder of justice and fair play in the world. Germany therefore wants to protect its online environment from the influence of an imperialist power. 

That is why Deutsche Telekom has made plans for the shielding of Germany’s cyberspace from the clutches of the US. However, there are issues which are at stake. For one thing, the firewalling of sites on the Internet is a step that reeks of dictatorship. It is currently practiced in countries like Iran and China which have strict censorship laws. 

The move will entail the removal of Google and Facebook which is like decapitating a head in order to get rid of a headache. Besides this decision flies in the face of what the Internet was made for in the first place. Freedom of information and openness of opinion are the key features upon which the Net relies. They would have to be sacrificed at the altar of convenience were such a bold goal followed by the German nation. 

Source: Reuters

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