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Giraffe Riddle Makes Facebook a Zoo

Facebook is the site where a thousand trends are unloosened like current Giraffe riddle. Some go viral after a while. The latest to hit the scene is a massive invasion of giraffe riddles. While some consider it fun others find it to be plainly an annoyance.

Oct 29 2013, 7:50am CDT | by

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Giraffe Riddle Covers Facebook
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Giraffe Riddle Makes Facebook a Zoo

Before everyone gets a heart attack over the changes on Facebook some things need to be cleared up. A recent trend is the appearance of a riddle on the home page of users of the social network. If they fail to answer correctly, the only penalty they have to pay is in the form of a picture of a giraffe being pasted in place of their image. 

While this may appear as a funny prank by some others have taken it more seriously and are just irritated by this childish act of naughtiness. Despite the rumors of a scam or conspiracy and even of a just cause behind the practical joke, the facts speak otherwise. The trend is called the Giraffe Riddle and it has by now gone viral. 

Developed by Andrew Strugnell, a tourism blogger from the Land Down Under, this Giraffe riddle game has already bagged 40,000 Facebook likes within a time span of 48 hours. Those lucky enough to answer the riddle correctly may carry on as usual. But for those who give wrong answers, their pictures get transformed into funny giraffe montages. And then they must pass on the riddle to other friends on Facebook. 

While it is a harmless joke, it also smacks of the nonsensical. The long-necked animal picture remains on your home page for exactly three days after which it expires and you are home-free. Indeed, it is a benign, slightly eccentric and quirky act that has caught on like wildfire on Facebook. 

Source: The Telegraph


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