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Snowden Finds Website Maintenance Job in Russia

The whistle-blower and former NSA worker Edward Snowden gets website maintenance job in one of Russia’s largest websites. Snowden will start his work from tomorrow i.e. November 1st.

Oct 31 2013, 10:21am CDT | by

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Snowden Finds Website Maintenance Job in Russia
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Snowden Finds Website Maintenance Job in Russia

Edward Snowden is not a jobless person now. He finds himself a computer job. One of the Russia's biggest websites hires NSA man as a website maintainer. Snowden lawyer, Anatoly Kucherena, said that Edward Snowden will start his work on November 1. But due to some security reasons, he refused to tell the name of website for which Snowden is hired.

But a tech news website speculates that Snowden is going to work for the social networking site This website is very popular in the country and it can be called as Russian Facebook. This speculation is based on VKontakte spokesman Georgy Lobushkin's statements. He previously said in August that "he could see Snowden assisting VKontakte in maintaining the security of its online chat program," according to RIA Novosti. And now he refused to comment on this hiring news. But he but would not rule out the possibility of hiring Snowden.

Other big Russian online firms, including Yandex and, denied that they had hired Snowden. Edward Snowden was granted a temporary asylum in Russia this August. Since then, he has been living at a hidden place in Russia.


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Update: 11

The Lede: Snowden Defends His Part in Putin Forum

Source: New York Times

Russian President Vladimir Putin
One day after he took part in a stage-managed forum with President Vladimir Putin on Russian state television, the former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden defended his part ...
Source: New York Times   Full article at: New York Times 10 hours ago, 4:15pm CDT


Update: 10

Edward Snowden on his Putin TV appearance: 'Why all the criticism?'

Source: The Register Hardware

Russian President Vladimir Putin
Denies Q&A cameo was meant to slam US, big-up Russia Fugitive whistleblower Edward Snowden has written an op-ed column in the Guardian justifying his decision to go on live TV to question Russian President Vladimir Putin about his country's policies on mass surve ...
Source: The Register Hardware   Full article at: The Register Hardware 12 hours ago, 2:08pm CDT

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Update: 9

The NSA, Glenn Greenwald, and Angela Merkel

Source: Accuracy in Media

Journalists Glenn Greenwald And Lauren Poitras Receive A George Polk Award
Having apparently been assured by the Eric Holder Justice Department that he won’t face espionage charges, unlike his source Edward Snowden, Glenn Greenwald has returned to the U.S. and is cashing in on his notoriety. His book, No Place to Hide: Edward Snowden, the NSA, and the U.S. Surveillanc ...
Source: Accuracy in Media   Full article at: Accuracy in Media 12 hours ago, 2:07pm CDT

Update: 7

This week's epic and hilarious videos: Edward Snowden quizzes Putin, fast food Aaron Sorkin, drone selfies and more

Source: Conde Nast Portfolio

Journalists Glenn Greenwald And Lauren Poitras Receive A George Polk Award
What We Watched this Week: YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki pronounces her name, drone selfies, Edward Snowden quizzes Putin, the Ford Mustang turns 50 and more. Click through for Upsta ...
Source: Conde Nast Portfolio   Full article at: Conde Nast Portfolio 12 hours ago, 1:25pm CDT

Update: 6

Snowden denies participation in Putin propaganda, regrets question was ‘misinterpreted’

Source: The Daily Caller

Russian President Vladimir Putin
Traitor Edward Snowden responded to accusations that he played a patsy for Vladimir Putin’s propaganda machine on Thursday, arguing that his question during a softball Q&A with the Russian president was “a rare opportunity” that was “misinterpreted” by his critics. The former NSA contractor, exiled to Moscow after releasing rea ...
Source: The Daily Caller   Full article at: The Daily Caller 13 hours ago, 12:31pm CDT

Update: 5

Snowden op-ed explains reasons for calling out Putin on live TV

Source: Ars Technica

Russian President Vladimir Putin
Screenshot from Putin's televised call-in session. RT via YouTube. On Friday, Edward Snowden published an op-ed in The Guardian, providing an explanation of why he chose to question Russian President Vladimir Putin on live TV on Thursday about his country’s spying policies. Snowden wrote that he intended to spark another national debate about state surveillance, this time in the country that hosts him. Just one day earlier, at Russian P ...
Source: Ars Technica   Full article at: Ars Technica 14 hours ago, 12:01pm CDT

Update: 4

Snowden: I'm not Russia's pawn

Source: MSNBC

Journalists Glenn Greenwald And Lauren Poitras Receive A George Polk Award
Edward Snowden defended his role in Vladimir Putin’s annual live-television talk-a-thon and said he is not a puppet for the Russian president’s prop ...
Source: MSNBC   Full article at: MSNBC 15 hours ago, 10:56am CDT

Update: 3

Here's What Putin Didn't Tell Snowden About Russia's Spying

Source: New Hampshire Public Radio

Russian President Vladimir Putin
"Does Russia intercept, store or analyze in any way the communications of millions of individuals?" former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden asked Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday."We don't have a mass system of such interception, and according to our law it cannot exist," the Russian ...
Source: New Hampshire Public Radio   Full article at: New Hampshire Public Radio 16 hours ago, 10:22am CDT

Update: 2

At press club event, Scalia and Ginsburg offer differing views on government surveillance


Antonin Scalia, Associate Justice of the
WASHINGTON (AP) - The legality of government surveillance is likely to come before the Supreme Court someday, and Justices Antonin Scalia and Ruth Bader Ginsburg appear less than thrilled at the prospect. Scalia thinks the judicial branch is the least qualified government branch to balance security and intrusion. Scalia and Ginsburg, two long-time friends, aired their differing views of First Amendment rights Thursday night at the National Press Club, where moderator Marvin K ...
Source:   Full article at: 19 hours ago, 6:59am CDT

Update: 1

The Putrid Pulitzers that Please Putin

Source: Canada Free Press

Journalists Glenn Greenwald And Lauren Poitras Receive A George Polk Award
If anything proved beyond doubt that the Pulitzer Prizes are a self-congratulatory display whereby the media pat each other on the back and share in the congratulations, it was the coverage of the 2014 Pulitzer Prize announcements. There was nothing from inside the Columbia University journalism building where Pulitzer Prize administrator Sig Gissler tried to justify the honors, known as Gold Medals, for the anti-NSA stories based on the espionage activities of Edward Snowden. My g ...
Source: Canada Free Press   Full article at: Canada Free Press 19 hours ago, 6:45am CDT

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