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T-Mobile Requires $20/Month from New Customers for No-Money-Down Free Data iPad Plan

The $10 fee on no-cost tablet data was declared to be an executional mistake by the T-Mobile CEO, John Legere. New customers have to pay $20 per month to take no-money-down tablet deal with free data offer.

Nov 4 2013, 10:29am CST | by

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T-Mobile Requires $20/Month from New Customers for No-Money-Down iPad Plan

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T-Mobile Requires $20/Month from New Customers for No-Money-Down Free Data iPad Plan

The saying “That was then and this is now” holds true in case of T-Mobile. Its earlier scheme of lending 200 Megabytes of data on a monthly basis to those in possession of tablets has floundered. The rate was to have been $10 per package. But that was scrapped after the CEO went ahead and let it be known on his Twitter account that it was for free. He has apologized for what he calls an executional error on the part of the company.

The workers at T-Mobile are busy correcting the glitch in the system that caused such a big mistake. As CEO John Legere said, "We're working around the clock to get this fixed." And all those who had to pay the amount needlessly are being reimbursed.

T-Mobile clarified to CNET that "new customers who want to take advantage of T-Mobile's no-money-down plan are required to sign up for a $20-a-month plan. Unlike the On Demand plan, which was simply a fee for staying on T-Mobile's network, the $20 plan does provide for an additional 500MB of data at its 4G LTE speed. The 200MB of data is free, but doesn't kick in until after you sign up."

The level of bafflement and chaos this singular mistake has spread among the user base of T-Mobile can never be assuaged though. To say one thing and then do an about face and do another thing reeks of bad marketing and the worst advertising. You lose credibility when you make such blunders. And T-Mobile is not an ordinary run-of-the-mill carrier. It is a giant in its own right. For it to bamboozle its customers spells out economic suicide. The firm will have to be extra careful in the future regarding such a silly faux pas.

However, T-Mobile is not asking any amount from existing customers. The customers, who are already on a plan, can access 200MB of free data without any more deal sign up. But new customers have to pay full iPad Air or other tablet price in order to access this free 200MB data signing up for additional plans or they have to bring in their T-Mobile-compatible tablets. If you do not want to pay full amount for taking free data, you have to take both free data plan and $20 monthly installment model. Sherrard said, "We still think it's an incredible offer. As we go forward, we'll work on the execution issues."


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