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Sina Weibo's Censored Images Reveal Fear of China's Elite

Nov 16 2013, 6:44am CST | by , in News | Misc

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Sina Weibo's Censored Images Reveal Fear of China's Elite

A US-based site published many pictures that were deemed as a danger to the integrity of the state and get censored on the 'China's Twitter' Sina Weibo. Some of them were ludicrously funny since the fact that they were censored was almost Orwellian in its nature.

The photos appear harmless at first sight. And so they are in a way to any decent law abiding citizen of the West. But the fact of the matter is these photographs have been censored by Sina Weibo, which controls access to materials on the web for Mainland China’s billions.

The shots include that of a yawning politician. It seems showing signs of boredom during important meetings is a crime too. Then anti-governmental propaganda of any kind, including the most harmless, is strictly off-limits. Covering parts of messages so they read otherwise has been curtailed. So have females wearing provocative anti-authority messages on T-shirts. 

There are even pictures of Chinese soldiers during the Korean War that are censored by Sina Weibo. This is where things have simply gone too far. In a bid to deny the truth, all sorts of freedom of expression has been denied. Even awkward moments of the rich and famous having a good time are banned. 

A minion holding the umbrella of an official has not been allowed to be gained access to by online browsers. All in all, it appears to be a case of extreme fear of any voices of dissent from the public. China’s censorship policies are draconian by any standard. Like Iran and North Korea, they reek of the Dark Ages. 

Source: ProPublica

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