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Southwest Airlines First Offers Gate-to-Gate Wi-Fi Service

Southwest Airlines gives gate-to-gate Wi-Fi service. It is the only airline which has offered airplane mode allowance for electronic devices to its passengers. It is a pioneer in its efforts to aid air travelers.

Nov 21 2013, 8:07am CST | by

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Southwest Airlines First Offers Gate-to-Gate Wi-Fi Service

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Southwest Airlines First Offers Gate-to-Gate Wi-Fi Service

They had constantly complained regarding the ban on the usage of electronic gadgets on flights. Passengers were sick and tired of the restrictions on exploring cyberspace while in the space above the ground level. However, now the wait is finally over. Over 435 of the planes owned by Southwest Airlines allow use of e-readers, tablets and MP3 devices during all times when the passengers are on board the flight. 

Southwest Airlines Chief Marketing Officer, Kevin Krone said, "We know this is something Customers have wanted for some time now, and we're excited to give them the freedom to use personal devices while in the air and on the ground. With free live TV compliments of DISH® and the ability to stay connected for the entire flight, Customers can count on Southwest for the best Customer Experience in the business."

This is a good change since previously the only time during which online activity was allowed was when the airplane was 10,000 feet in the air. But thanks to in-flight Wi-Fi technology, tourists, businessmen and general wayfarers on Southwest Airlines may double click and swipe all they want to while comfortably seated. 

The fact that the service costs $8 per device may not be such a huge price to pay for the freedom. After all, in return you get to explore the routes and sites on the information superhighway. The gate-to-gate connectivity is a source of immense bliss for all the Net freaks that can’t stay away from the SERPs for even a moment

However, laptops and similar heavier electronic entities won’t be allowed just yet. After the FAA lifted the majority of restrictions late last month, things are about to radically change. But right now, only Southwest Airlines lends the enviable service to its valued travelers.  


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