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Uber Signs Deal to Offer Discount Rates on Cars

Uber has signed a deal with GM and Toyota, according to which it is to offer discount rates on cars to its customers. This move will put more drivers on the roads.

Nov 25 2013, 2:05am CST | by

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Uber Signs Deal to Offer Discount Rates on Cars
Image Credit: Uber

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Uber Signs Deal to Offer Discount Rates on Cars

The car service Uber has been trying to add to its already expanding portfolio of drivers. And it also wants to do all it can for the pre-existing drivers that seek its services. In order to make this a possibility, it has hooked up with auto makers and financial institutions. It already operates in 22 countries. Now, some changes will occur in six of the high growth markets it functions in. 

Uber has over 50 markets on a worldwide level where drivers may order its cars with a quick click on their mobiles. The auto service has been recently facing hurdles in the way of fulfilling demand. The growth trends that are getting more and more difficult to manage are taking place in the already settled markets. 

Uber has tried to deal with this in the past through a number of strategies but to no avail. To get a greater number of cars on the highways, over $2.5 billion has to be invested in buying those extra vehicles. What Uber has done instead is that it has partnered with GM and Toyota not to mention certain auto financiers. By decreasing the entry cost for drivers the demands will hopefully be met. It is constant incoming profits that will ensure that financial companies keep up their support

Drivers may obtain cars now and they’ll save $100 to $200 on monthly installments to boot. Uber is about to try out its experiment in NYC, Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, Dallas and San Francisco. Thousands of drivers will be signed up for this trial. 

Source: TechCrunch


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Temper tantrum: taking my information (toy) away from you

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Wonkblog: Uber is tapping into the too-drunk-to-drive market, user data suggest

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Seoul Moves to Ban Uber, Plans Own App (Jeyup S. Kwaak/Wall Street Journal)

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Seoul City Threatens to Crush Uber

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Barcelona Cabs Strike Against Uber Taxi App
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Potentially fake Uber driver robs woman in Virginia Highland

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Barcelona Cabs Strike Against Uber Taxi App
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Overlooked by PUC

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Meet The Uber Of The Retail World

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With Lyft and Uber kept out, County Cab’s app grows users

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Barcelona Cabs Strike Against Uber Taxi App
There’s an app in St. Louis that lets you order a ride with one tap, as you watch available drivers zoom along on a map. No, it’s not Lyft or Uber, California-based ride-sharing apps that have so far been stopped from competing in this market. Launched in December 2012, St. Louis County and Yellow Cab’s app has now been downloaded 25,000 times, and has been used to order more than 70,000 rides, or about 12 percent of all boo ...
Source: St. Louis Business Journal   Full article at: St. Louis Business Journal 4 days ago, 11:20am CDT

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