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NSA Director Defends Spying Policy

The director of the NSA has defended his agency’s spying policy against the rants of the critics. According to General Keith Alexander, the collection of metadata is the only method of gaining access to the terrorists.

Dec 12 2013, 3:42am CST | by

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NSA Director Defends Spying Policy
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NSA Director Defends Spying Policy

The director of the NSA has said that there is no better methodology of getting the terrorists among us than to track the telephone calls of Americans. Though it was an invasion of privacy yet it was a necessary step too

According to the General, this was the least bothersome way of gathering the necessary data about people. He also spoke of how it was a crucial step in defending the United States against its enemies. 

Though it was a feeble attempt at justifying what was essentially against the law of the land, General Keith Alexander was adamant. He said that if anyone could come up with a better idea he or she ought to suggest it. Unfortunately, there were none. 

The issue really came out in the open after eight Internet companies forwarded a joint statement saying that the government ought to prevent any breach of confidentiality in the future. 

Alexander said that while many phone records are surveyed by the NSA each year, only a few hundred actually get examined. These too are only scrutinized due to some very genuine suspicions that the NSA execs had against them. 

The General furthermore said that given the threat that already existed to the United States from several terrorist organizations, it was simply preposterous to even consider ending these surveillance programs. 

Source: Computer World


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Update: 11

Want to make $1 million per month? Retire from the NSA

Source: BGR

Former NSA director Keith Alexander will charge companies up to $1 million a month to keep them safe from online hackers, Foreign Policy reports. Apparently Alexander and business partners from IronNet Cybersecurity have founded a new firm after leaving the government and military in March. The company supposedly offers a new technology that has a “unique” approach when it ...
Source: BGR   Full article at: BGR 2 days ago, 8:15pm CDT

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Update: 10

Whistleblower: IRS in cahoots with NSA

Source: WND

William Binney One of the architects of the National Security Agency’s eavesdropping technology told a radio host today the Internal Revenue Service, or IRS, has “direct access” to the NSA’s domestic spying data and was likely using it to target the tea party. NSA whistleblower William Binney was being interviewed on “Aaron Klein Investigative Radio” on New York’s 970 AM The Answer when he disclosed the startling revelation. “For example,” Binney said in response to a ques ...
Source: WND  Full article at: WND Jul 20 2014, 6:09pm CDT

Update: 8

Wilson's Weekend Whine: Snowden is right to be disgusted at UK "emergency surveillance bill"

Source: BetaNews

When we talk about surveillance online, it is almost always with reference to the NSA and activities in the US. But US citizens are far from being the only web users affected by surveillance. The NSA has long arms, but there are also similar activities going on in plenty of other countries. This week in the UK, the government is pushing through legislation that requires phone and internet companies to store information abou ...
Source: BetaNews   Full article at: BetaNews Jul 13 2014, 4:48pm CDT

Update: 7

NSA Implementing Fix To Prevent Snowden-Like Security Breach

Source: New Hampshire Public Radio

A year after Edward Snowden's digital heist, the NSA's chief technology officer says his agency has taken steps to ensure there won't be another Snowden. But he also contends there's no way for the NSA to be entirely secure. A former NSA technical director says a program he developed might have stopped Snowden. But it was rejected, he says, because ...
Source: New Hampshire Public Radio   Full article at: New Hampshire Public Radio Jul 11 2014, 4:00am CDT

Update: 6

FBI and NSA targeted prominent Muslim-American leaders for surveillance

Source: Engadget

Pictured: NSA headquarters in Fort Meade, Maryland Both the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the National Security Agency monitored the emails of five prominent Muslim-Americans, documents from former-NSA contractor Edward S ...
Source: Engadget   Full article at: Engadget Jul 9 2014, 10:04am CDT

Update: 5

NSA Targeted German Privacy Activist Sebastian Hahn: Report

Source: NDTV

According to a report, code found in NSA's software reveals it's interest in anyone who uses a program called Tor that can obscure a person's digital trai ...
Source: NDTV   Full article at: NDTV Jul 4 2014, 12:07am CDT

Update: 4

Privacy Oversight Board Gives NSA Surveillance a Pass

Source: AppleSlashdot

An anonymous reader writes There's an independent agency within the U.S. government called the Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board. Their job is to weigh the benefits of government actions — like stopping terrorist threats — against violations of citizens' rights that may result from those actions. As you might expect, the NSA scandal landed squarely in their laps, and they've compiled a report evaluating the surveill ...
Source: AppleSlashdot   Full article at: AppleSlashdot Jul 2 2014, 5:22pm CDT

Update: 3

NSA and Big IT Tech

Source: Politics - The Huffington Post

The Government of Germany just announced that it will be cancelling an information technology project with Verizon. The announcement makes clear Germany is doing this because they do not trust that Verizon will or even can safeguard Germany's data and telecommunications from spying by the National Security Administration (NSA). The German suspicions are heightened because the NSA was discovered via the information released b ...
Source: Politics - The Huffington Post   Full article at: Politics - The Huffington Post Jun 30 2014, 5:59pm CDT

Update: 2

Intelligence Agencies Conducted Broad Sweep Of Warrantless Searches On Americans

Source: Politics - The Huffington Post

The nation's top intelligence agency revealed in a letter made public Monday that the NSA, CIA and FBI are engaging in a large number of warrantless searches of the content of Americans' communications caught up in collection on foreign targets. The letter, sent by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence to Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.), also disclosed that there are large gaps in how the government tracks searche ...
Source: Politics - The Huffington Post   Full article at: Politics - The Huffington Post Jun 30 2014, 4:01pm CDT

Update: 1

Snowden's revelations: Good for US or not?

Source: MSNBC

The Great Debate: Former NSA Director Gen. Keith Alexander discusses the harm former CIA employee Edward Snowden caused when he leaked information about the NSA's surveillance program. The ACLU's Anthony Romero argues ...
Source: MSNBC   Full article at: MSNBC Jun 30 2014, 11:08am CDT

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