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Cisco Jobs to Increase in Accordance with Canadian Expansion Plan

Cisco is looking forward to an increase in its jobs ration by 1,700 extra careers within the next six years. This is to occur in accordance with its Canadian expansion plan which will take place in Ontario.

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Cisco Jobs will Increase
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Cisco Jobs to Increase in Accordance with Canadian Expansion Plan

The R&D department of Cisco Systems Incorporated is to undergo a sprawl that will include over 1,700 new vacancies for competent personnel in Ontario. The American manufacturer of odds and ends of equipment will slowly take on the new working staff over a period of half a decade or so. 

It is currently cooperating with the Canadian government in a bid to fulfill this scheme. The provincial authorities will be contributing $207 million towards making Cisco’s dream of widening its domain come true. While currently the staff amounts to 1,300 workers, in the future it could reach 5,000 capable manufacturers. 

The net total amount invested in the strategy will be four billion Canadian dollars. As for financing the paychecks of the staff it could reach about 2.2 billion Canadian dollars. The province of Ontario is Canada’s main technological manufacturing center. It has a sizeable and thriving population as well.

The worldwide economic crisis that took place some years ago hit Ontario especially hard. One of its major companies, BlackBerry, had to lay off many of its staff members. BlackBerry phones meanwhile have hit rock bottom in their global worth too. Cisco on the contrary wants to better its future prospects. This is the reason behind its move to extend its sphere of influence.   

Source: Reuters

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