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Samsung to Launch 10.5-inch AMOLED Tablet at CES 2014

Samsung is reportedly planning to launch its rumored 10.5-inch Galaxy tablet with an AMOLED display in January at CES 2014.

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Samsung to Launch 10.5-inch AMOLED Tablet at CES 2014
Samsung Galaxy Tab 3

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Samsung to Launch 10.5-inch AMOLED Tablet at CES 2014

The big Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is going to held in Las Vegas next month. Many tech companies are now announcing their product launches at CES 2014. And Korean media is widely reporting these days that Samsung will also debut a new tablet to join its Galaxy Tab family. A new 10.5-inch Galaxy tablet with AMOLED display can be launched in January at CES 2014. Samsung has been working on this new tablet for quite some time.

AMOLED is the abbreviation of active-matrix organic light-emitting diode. According to Telegraph, "AMOLED displays provide higher refresh rates than their passive-matrix OLED counterparts, improving response time often to under a millisecond. They also consume significantly less power."

But this new Galaxy tablet will not be the first Samsung device that has an AMOLED display. Samsung has launched Galaxy Tab 7.7 with an AMOLED display in late 2011. The company has also used "Super AMOLED" displays in some of its products. And Samsung is also planning to launch two AMOLED tablets with 8-inch and 10-inch displays in early 2014.

The shipping manifest leaked to the Korean media reveals that the tablet is internally called SM-T331. It would be the large screened variant of the Galaxy Tab 4. The import price of this AMOLED tablet will be $550 (£345). Hence it will not be a budget friendly tablet. No more details about its internal and external specs are available yet.

Samsung can also unveil its new curved smartphones and the upcoming flagship smartphone Galaxy S5 at CES 2014.


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Update: 11

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