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Obamacare Heroin Stash Found

A large stash of heroin with the words Obamacare was found in Massachusetts by the police. The Obamacare printed heroin cargo was being relayed in vehicular form and the people on board were arrested.

Dec 21 2013, 3:26am CST | by

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Obamacare Heroin Stash Found
Image Credit: Massachusetts State Police via NBC

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Obamacare Heroin Stash Found

The police in Massachusetts busted a large cache of heroin that was stored aboard a vehicle in the form of packets. The word Obamacare was printed in red letters on each and every one of the more than a thousand bags of the narcotic drug. The event took place this Friday morning. 

One of the State Police Troopers was on regular duty when he noticed a vehicle that was not following traffic regulations. After several blunders had been made by the car, it was stopped and the driver along with the passengers was accosted. The truly shocking surprise came when the dogs which were let loose on the cargo sniffed their way to over 1,250 bags of heroin. 

The bags of the deadly white drug were stamped with Obamacare much to the amazement of the police. Obamacare is the healthcare plan started by America’s first Black President. It is still in its fledgling stage but is gathering speed as the days go by. 

The driver of the suspected vehicle was arrested on the spot. He was charged with the breaking of several laws. These included violation of drug rules and speeding among others. Three other passengers were also arrested as accomplices in the drug haul. It still remains a mystery why the government healthcare plan label was affixed to the bags of the intoxicating drug. 

Source: NBC


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