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Jean-Claude Van Damme is No Match for Chuck Norris

The martial artist and actor, Jean-Claude Van Damme has been trumped by Chuck Norris in a commercial for Christmas. While Van Damme did a full split while balanced precariously between two trucks, Chuck Norris did the same amidst two jumbo jets. This proved once and for all that Van Damme was no match for the illustrious veteran actor.

Dec 21 2013, 6:12am CST | by

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Jean-Claude Van Damme is No Match for Chuck Norris
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Jean-Claude Van Damme is No Match for Chuck Norris

The actor and fighter Van Damme is the original inspiration for the ad where he does a full split between two trucks which are moving in reverse gear. However, it has been recently parodied by an even older actor and martial artist, the invincible Chuck Norris

Chuck who appeared in a movie with Bruce Lee many years ago has definitely shown his one-upmanship with regard to Van Damme. Van Damme appeared in the movie Blood Sport and is known for his martial arts skills. But veteran thespian and warrior, Chuck Norris is the best and his latest stunt just can’t be imitated by anyone

Although Chuck Norris displayed his ad for Christmas by balancing between two jet airliners, there were some special effects that were used to make the act look realistic. Several pilots are in a Christmas tree formation in synch with Chuck Norris. 

It is indeed a beautiful and surreal act to witness for the upcoming holiday season. And the unbelievable fact is that Chuck is above 70 years old. It is a miracle and a marvel that he can perform such stunts even at such a senescent stage. The ad quickly went viral after it aired on the screens of so many who looked on in rapt surprise.

watch the epic christmas split video from Chuck Norris, or at least from his CG alter ego.

Source: Eonline


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