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Computer Manufacturers will Rebel Against Microsoft at the CES 2014

Microsoft is to face opposition from computer manufacturers at the CES 2014. These old timers will rebel against Microsoft by introducing Windows 8.1 PCs that have Android facility running on them.

Dec 23 2013, 7:57am CST | by

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Computer Manufacturers will Rebel Against Microsoft at the CES 2014

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Computer Manufacturers will Rebel Against Microsoft at the CES 2014

The CES 2014 will be a clash of titans alright. Microsoft will be facing the music as the original equipment manufacturers are bound to showcase their stuff at the venue in Las Vegas. The Windows Personal Computers will have Android mobile applications as a built-in feature

The device will be called PC Plus. While the PC Plus will run Windows 8.1, it will also have the capacity to take on Android applications in its repertoire. The whole operation has the support of Intel. It is basically a sincere effort to bring new features to the Windows system. The challenge to the more firmly entrenched and traditional platform of Microsoft by these rebels with a cause may make waves at the show

The idea behind such a venture is not new at all. It has been tried before. BlueStacks introduced its LayerCake in order to run Android applications on other Operating Systems. This occurred in March, 2013.  Meanwhile, Taiwan’s original equipment manufacturer Asus launched its Transformer Book Trio in July 2013. 

And while it was dubbed a showy trinket, there was more to it than met the eye. The original equipment manufacturers have serious grudges against Microsoft. And they have finally decided to rectify the situation by literally doing their own thing. 

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