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Dan Aykroyd Reveals Fun Facts About Himself

Dan Aykroyd has revealed in an interview some fun facts about himself. One of these is that he is basically a Canadian citizen and another interesting one is that he made some of the best movies of all times.

Dec 26 2013, 7:31am CST | by

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Dan Aykroyd Reveals Fun Facts About Himself
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Dan Aykroyd Reveals Fun Facts About Himself

We all know Dan Aykroyd from his hilarious act with co-star Tom Hanks in Dragnet. But there is another side of Dan seldom seen by the world. He is an all-purpose man with a number of experiences in his pocket. On what was the 30th anniversary of the movie Trading Places, Dan Aykroyd made the claim that it was the best of the best. And when there were murmurs from the crowd, he grudgingly spoke of how at least it was the best business movie of all time. The man is an all-star freak who inspires so much curiosity among the masses of America. 

For one thing, Ackroyd is not American. Believe it or not, like Pamela Anderson, he is basically Canadian. His original goal as a young adult was to become a priest but that obviously didn’t work out. So a life as a thespian took precedence. On the high-functioning autism spectrum, Dan has Aspergers Syndrome. Mind you, so did Einstein therefore it is not such a bad thing after all. 

Dan Aykroyd has webbed toes which almost makes him the male counterpart to a mermaid. His right and left eye has a different color each which is kind of weird. He made some of the best films of all time although there are exceptions to this rule. And he also appeared on SNL and played a part with John Belushi. The man is a virtual dynamo and deserves a rising ovation or at least an award or two.    

Watch the Dan Aykroyd interview explaining Trading Places.

Source: Bloomberg via WebProNews


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