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UPS FedEx Delayed

Due to foul weather and high demand, the UPS FedEx deliveries of packages were delayed this Christmas season. This major blunder caused a riot of frustrated complaints online from customers.

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UPS FedEx Deliveries Delayed This Christmas
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UPS FedEx Delayed

UPS FedEx Deliveries Delayed This Christmas
Photo Credit: Getty Images

The anger and chagrin are palpable. After UPS and FedEx were unable to deliver a fraction of the packages this Christmas, the vexed clientele took to Twitter and Facebook to vent their spleen at the delay. Their Christmas gifts didn’t reach their homes in time. This led to some pretty serious situations. 

One household had everyone getting presents except for the elderly matriarch of the house which was a source of extreme embarrassment. Others passed snide comments such as “Thanks for nothing” and “Get a life” which made the owners and management shamefaced. A spokeswoman said on CNN “We're terribly sorry.” But sometimes sorry is not enough. Practical steps have to be taken too to assuage the irate customers.

FedEx has promised it will deal with the SNAFU (situation normal absolutely fouled up). FedEx said in a statement, "Our 300,000 team members delivered outstanding service during this holiday season, and we experienced no major service disruptions in the week before Christmas despite heavy volume.Every single package is important to us, and we will continue to work directly with customers to address any isolated incidents."

However, for many this Christmas has been a disappointment after their loved ones’ gifts failed to materialize on time at their doorsteps. A toll-free number has been set up for those who want their money back. It was a time of great load and the weather was not suitable for making shipments or flight deliveries. And while some packages were delivered late in time, others never got delivered at all. 

"We know how hard it is for everyone to receive their holiday packages, and we're working around the clock to resolve this issue," said Black at UPS.

This only complicated matters even further and added insult to injury. Our corporate sector ought to show greater responsibility especially when it comes to dealing with the feeling of a nation celebrating its chief annual holiday.  


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