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Cholesterol Controlling Surgery

It has been found that bariatric surgery for weight loss purposes may reverse the ravages of the ageing process. Especially in obese patients who have too much bad cholesterol or happen to be diabetic, the signs of disease may become less prominent.

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Cholesterol Controlling Surgery

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Cholesterol Controlling Surgery

Weight loss surgery may reduce the ageing process significantly. Patients who lost nearly half their weight emerged from the operations appearing younger than usual. It appears that their telomeres had lengthened on a post-operational basis. The genetic changes were quite marked. Inflammation, a major cause of obesity, had been reduced too. 

In the past, it was common knowledge that telomeres could be lengthened by following a good diet and exercise regimen. The discovery that surgical weight loss efforts could have an effect too is a revolutionary finding. Reduction in length of telomeres causes all sorts of degenerative diseases. Cardiac Pathology, Type 2 Diabetes and Alzheimer’s not to mention an early death are just some of the ailments that afflict those who make unwise lifestyle choices. 

The more the external and internal fat tissues and the higher the Body Mass Index, the greater are the chances of catching these diseases. The study, mostly conducted on female patients, showed that they benefitted greatly from the complicated weight loss procedure. 

The gastric bypass surgery also cut off a major part of their gastrointestinal tract along with a reduction in stomach size. The health effects of changes that occur in the length of telomeres are a valuable addition to the storehouse of medical knowledge. And it is a common heritage of humanity in its endeavor to fight disease and restore health. 


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Update: 11

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