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Paleo Diet may be most Suitable Eating Regimen

Paleo diet or Caveman diet was the most popular diet of 2013. While there are those who suggest caution in following the nutritional profile of our hunter gatherer ancestors, others tout it as the solution to all of the modern ills e are facing. The Paleo diet however may just be the most suitable eating regimen for today.

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Paleo Diet may be most Suitable Eating Regimen
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Paleo Diet may be most Suitable Eating Regimen

The most popular diet of 2013 was the Paleo style of eating. According to the food experts, our bodies were designed to eat natural stuff. Fruits, vegetables, eggs, nuts and seeds and of course the flesh of animals are all suitable for human beings. 

However, with the coming of agriculture, grains and dairy got added to the list. Many people are gluten-sensitive and lactose-intolerant though. Wheat and milk therefore doesn’t suit everyone. Furthermore, junk food which is so widely available today thanks to the McDonaldization of society is a prime culprit in various autoimmune diseases. The global epidemic of obesity would be erased in a jiffy were everyone to switch to a Paleo diet plan. 

Basically, the whole program is based upon the statement that Nature is never wrong. An all-natural diet of whole foods that the people from our caveman past ate is ideal for the human body. The body gets confused when you introduce processed and packaged items into it which are loaded with artificial preservatives. The followers of this method of consuming fresh materials directly from Nature have the bodies to prove the efficacy of the diet. 

However, many voices of dissent have arisen. They warn of extrapolating data from the caveman days directly into today’s world where the human body has evolved to accommodate grains, dairy and even junk food. All we can say is, the proof of the pudding lies in the eating. There is no harm in trying it especially if you are obese or facing the degenerative diseases of civilization. 

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