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Frozen Pipes: How to Cope with Them

With the temperature reaching sub-arctic levels, the problem of frozen pipes has arisen in many regions of the United States. Here we show you how to cope with them in a handy and efficient manner.

Jan 8 2014, 5:52am CST | by

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Frozen Pipes: How to Cope with Them
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Frozen Pipes: How to Cope with Them

This winter is the worst in two decades. The last time such extremes of frost occurred it was the year 1994. And with the snowy blizzards and cold and cruel howling winds come many nuisances. A major one is burst and frozen pipes

The pipelines carrying water for all sorts of purposes become jammed due to the phenomenon of freezing temperatures. And sometimes they simply crack even if they are made of the toughest metal or plastic. The fact that water expands upon freezing is responsible for this problem in the making

But fear not! There is not only a solution for all this but solutions! 

  • First off, leave the taps at a trickle so that the water in the pipelines has no chance to freeze at all. 
  • Secondly, insulate exposed pipes with anything from foam to hot towels (even newspaper will do). 
  • Thirdly, you have to open the doors of warm areas in the home so that the heat spreads and doesn’t allow the pipes to freeze. And conversely you must close the doors of areas such as the garage that may be exposed to the cold.
  • Fourthly, do not use ethylene glycol or any other anti-freeze in pipes since it is poisonous to humans and animals. Instead keep the temperature of the thermostat at a constant level throughout the day. The ideal would be 55 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • And last but not least you should pack up some of the things in the spare time when they are not being used. This includes such articles of use as water sprinklers. That way there is no possibility of the water solidifying in them. 

These five applicable points ought to set you well on your way to becoming the owner of a home with perfectly functioning pipes.   


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