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Groupon Emails Or Amazon Blasts? Here's What You're Purging From Your Inbox

Jan 8 2014, 7:51am CST | by

Groupon Emails Or Amazon Blasts? Here's What You're Purging From Your Inbox
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It’s a new year, so why not start off with a clean, empty inbox? That was my aim when I stumbled upon Unroll.Me, a service promising to sort out your hopelessly clogged email accounts.

My particular problem is an inability to resist subscribing to every clever flash sales site or gimmicky e-commerce operation of the last five years or so: from Groupon to Gilt City, Birchbox to BaubleBar, I get ‘em all.

Unroll.Me mines your inbox and tells you how many email blasts you receive (I was at just over 300, shamefully). It allows you to unsubscribe from as many as you’d like in one fell swoop or “roll them up” into a single daily email digest.

I decided to ditch a whopping 251 subscriptions to my Gmail. That tiny hotel chain that operates in four obscure cities? Be gone! A bunch of second-rate coupon sites that flooded the market on Groupon’s heels, but that I never read? Deleted forever!

I wondered whether I was alone in purging my inbox of flash sale emails, keeping only a few favorite retailers (, Tory Burch, Spanx) around. What were other online shoppers deleting?

Luckily, Unroll.Me mined the data behind their 1 billion purged emails from 2013 and released lists of the most unsubscribed blasts, as well as those most likely to earn a prized place in your inbox. The service also lists which subscriptions users chose to “roll up” into their daily digests — that is, those they’d like to see, but sparingly.

Of course, not all of those listed are e-commerce companies. Of the most popular email subscriptions, social networks lead the way, with Facebook top of the pack, followed by Google+ and Twitter. The only retail sites to make the top ten were Amazon, Apple, eBay and craft hub Etsy. Interestingly, social site Pinterest — fast becoming a useful tool for both brands and shoppers — found itself sandwiched between the world’s largest online retailer, Amazon, and the consumer electronics king, Apple.

Those getting the short straw in the subscription stakes included floral delivery companies 1800 Flowers and Pro Flowers as well as events outfit Ticketweb and online travel stalwart Expedia. Other retailers getting the boot from your inbox in 2013: tchotchke shop Oriental Trading, 1800 Contacts, and Party City.

The retailer emails shoppers were unable to part with included Gap Inc brands Banana Republic and Old Navy, both of which were favorites for Unroll.Me’s daily digest.

Most Unsubscribed:

  1. 1800 Flowers — 52.50% unsubscribe rate
  2. Ticketweb — 47.50% unsubscribe rate
  3. Pro Flowers — 45.10% unsubscribe rate
  4. Expedia — 45.00% unsubscribe rate
  5. — 44.70% unsubscribe rate
  6. Eventful — 44.20% unsubscribe rate
  7. Oriental Trading — 43.60% unsubscribe rate
  8. — 42.10% unsubscribe rate
  9. 1800 Contacts — 42.00% unsubscribe rate
  10. Party City — 41.60% unsubscribe rate
  11. Schoolfeed — 40.60% unsubscribe rate
  12. — 40.60% unsubscribe rate
  13. — 40.40% unsubscribe rate
  14. — 39.70% unsubscribe rate
  15. — 39.50% unsubscribe rate

Most Rolled Up:

  1. Hulu — 61.60% Rollup rate
  2. AmazonLocal Deals — 46.00% Rollup rate
  3. GoDaddy — 44.40% Rollup rate
  4. Codecademy — 40.50% Rollup rate
  5. Google Offers — 39.00% Rollup rate
  6. Evernote — 36.40% Rollup rate
  7. Microsoft — 34.90% Rollup rate
  8. — 34.40% Rollup rate
  9. Groupon — 32.80% Rollup rate
  10. LivingSocial Deals — 32.40% Rollup rate
  11. Banana Republic — 31.80% Rollup rate
  12. LivingSocial Escapes — 31.70% Rollup rate
  13. Groupon Goods — 30.90% Rollup rate
  14. Old Navy — 30.90% Rollup rate
  15. Box — 30.70% Rollup rate

Most Popular:

  1. Facebook — 70% of users are subscribed
  2. Google+ — 66.90% of users are subscribed
  3. Twitter — 64.40% of users are subscribed
  4. LinkedIn — 62.10% of users are subscribed
  5. YouTube — 48.40% of users are subscribed
  6. Amazon — 43.10% of users are subscribed
  7. Pinterest — 39.00% of users are subscribed
  8. Apple — 35.90% of users are subscribed
  9. Groupon — 30.80% of users are subscribed
  10. Netflix — 29.60% of users are subscribed
  11. Spotify — 29.40% of users are subscribed
  12. eBay — 28.90% of users are subscribed
  13. Tumblr — 26.40% of users are subscribed
  14. Etsy — 22.10% of users are subscribed
  15. Ticketmaster — 21.90% of users are subscribed

What e-commerce subscriptions can’t you live without? Tell me in the Comments.

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Source: Forbes

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