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Hand of God Exploding Star Leads to Speculation

A nebulous star in outer space seemed to resemble an x-ray vision of a human hand. Termed the Hand of God, this exploding star has led to speculation among both scientists and clergy as to its significance.

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Hand of God Exploding Star Leads to Speculation
Image Credit: NuStar

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Hand of God Exploding Star Leads to Speculation

While it looks exactly like an x-ray of a hand, the fact that it is a picture of an object in the far recesses of space is a source of great surprise. Mankind has always kept stargazing and his wonderment at the beautiful laws of the heavens has never ended. Now, with nuclear spectroscopy telescopes the very limits of space, where the universe is receding faster than the speed of light, may be viewed clearly. 

A new image of an exploding star called the B1509-58 has sent the world into a paroxysm of mythmaking. Of course, the fact that it resembles an x-ray of a human hand may be merely the meaning we find in the meaningless. But when you stop and really peer into the depths of the picture you are forced to admit that it may be The Hand of God. 

It is actually a pulsar wind nebula. The remains of a star that exploded and sent gaseous and solid materials into outer space make for an excellent eye-catcher. If you have an artist’s visionary abilities you may discern a hand somewhere in the subtext of the picture. 

It will remain a mystery whether it is a hand for real or just a space-time quirk that has been blown way out of proportion by mankind’s anthropomorphic tendencies. People have made sense out of everything from the patterns in tea leaves all the way to the spaces between foliage. So this particular meaning-making doesn’t come as much of a surprise.  

Source: NuStar


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