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Casey Anthony Murderabilia for Sale Online

The latest trend is to buy items used by murderers and serial killers. Such murderabilia is for sale online. One of these notorious individuals was Casey Anthony, a female found not guilty of killing her daughter. Her clothes got sold via a website for some hefty amounts of cash.

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Casey Anthony Murderabilia is for Sale Online
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Casey Anthony Murderabilia for Sale Online

Casey Anthony is just one among many convicts whose used items are sold for huge sums in cyberspace. The Florida mother was acquitted from any allegations of murdering her young daughter. However, the public never forgave her and still considers her to be guilty of the crime. Whatever the truth may be, her jeans and purses are for sale on a site that peddles criminal property at astronomical rates. 

It appears to be the case that many twisted minds are simply fascinated by products that people like Charles Manson once employed in their day to day lives. This macabre sense of honor in possessing an object that has passed through the hands of a serial killer is too weird to even categorize. 

The site goes by the name of It is run by a man who obtained Casey Anthony’s murderabilia recently. A woman who had bought the items from a garage sale by Casey’s parents sold them off to the owner of the site. Each relic is being sold at $800 per piece. 

The man whose name is Eric Holler is clear about the fact that he wants to profit immensely from this business enterprise of sorts. Meanwhile, Casey Anthony has kept a low profile since she was miraculously acquitted of killing her three year old daughter. The case was complicated due to the fact that she gave false info to the police.  

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